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Oh all the amazing things that are happening at SAP TechEd this week. It would be awesome if we could clone ourselves and attend all the great events ..

One event, though, stands out to me and it is happening just when you are done with your hands-on or lecture sessions, and just when the regular show-floor activity is winding down on Wednesday evening at 6 pm at the SCN clubhouse.

For the second year, the SAP Jam Band is playing tunes to sing along and dance to.

Here is the link to the Spotify playlist with likely songs and to the YouTube one where you can brush up on your lyrics too.

Having this playlist on heavy rotation wherever I go right now, I still stumble over some of them: What is a “get back stare”? If you know, please practice it for when we play “Are you gonna be my girl?”

You see, the Wednesday event is more than just a Jam Band performance. The goal is to have you all being part of it, by singing and dancing along, so that later that evening you come out of it with some rosy cheeks and a big smile.

There is a seldom-used word in the English language that I think captures perfectly what we are going to do: Rumspringa. For the Amish, rumspringa is a period of adolescence for their youth to temporarily leave the community to experience life in the outside world.

The word has its roots in the German language. My mom would say jokingly when I came home exhausted after a day of playing outside with rosy cheeks and a big smile on my face: “Wart ihr wieder rusmpringa?” or “Have you all been running around outside again?”.

So, yes, we have prepared some songs and we will play them to the best of our abilities, but all we want to do is inspire everyone to get moving, perhaps sing along, cheer and have a great time.

Make an effort to be present, minimize tweeting and picture taking, as that takes you out of the moment and makes you a spectator. At our SAP Jam Band Rumspringa, the spirit is for everyone to really BE together and be connected in this joyful experience

So come out Rumspringa on Wednesday evening 6 pm at the Clubhouse on the show floor. Let’s make some rosy cheeks and big smiles. I can’t wait!

P.S. If you are wondering, we are working on bringing Rumspringa to Amsterdam and Bangalore too 🙂