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Have a certain question about a certain SAP topic and aren’t sure on how to get started on it? Stop by an SAP CodeJam (mini-editions) session at SAP TechEd Barcelona to meet one-on-one with SAP development experts, connect with other developers, share knowledge, and have a little fun coding!

These sessions will take place in the Developer Garage area on the show floor and will be spread out between three CodeJam (mini-editions) theatres. Each theatre will have 12 laptops and these will be available on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to show up early for the sessions you are interested in – we have 44 sessions in total.

Not sure what session is for you?

Each session will be categorized by tracks/journeys and session levels.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the sessions we are offering:

CNA653 – Troubleshoot Your SAP Fiori App with ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse


Session Level: Learn

Learning Journey: CNA6 - Move Your ABAP Skills to the Cloud and SAP HANA

The ABAP platform comes with powerful programming frameworks that make a developer’s life much easier when creating SAP Fiori‒based UIs on SAP HANA. But what happens when the application is not doing exactly what you are expecting or when you just want to understand the ABAP logic behind an SAP Fiori app? Be prepared to learn in this CodeJam (mini-edition) about the latest features of the ABAP troubleshooting tools in Eclipse, like the new debugger, the new ABAP trace, and ABAP log points


CGE600 – Your SAP Fiori App Done Right the First Time with SAP Web IDE


Session Level: Learn

Session Track: Consumer Grade Experience

Learning Journey: CGE2 - Design and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

Join this session to discover the various quality tools and features available with SAP Web IDE. Find out how they can help you keep your code and coding practices professional in terms of style, readability, rules, testing, and more.


CGE617 - Enrich Your SAPUI5 Applications with SAP Cloud Platform Workflow


Session Level: Expand Your Skills

Session Track: Consumer Grade Experience

Learning Journey: CGE2 - Design and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

If you already have an excellent SAPUI5 app but feel something is missing, consider the workflow. Find out how SAP Cloud Platform Workflow enables you to add tasks and workflows to your applications so you can enhance your application’s value and increase its usage, as our customer examples are demonstrating


DAT646 - Networks in Your Database: Processing Graph Data with SAP HANA


Session Level: Learn

Session Type: Next-Generation Data Management

Learning Journey: DAT4 - Model and Process Data

Join us to see why you don’t need a PhD to understand and process graph data in SAP HANA. In this session, we take you from processing two vertices connected by the edge to the most common graph algorithms in SAP HANA, using open data in entertaining way.


CGE615 - Enrich Your SAPUI5 Applications with Business Rules


Session Level: Expand your Skills

Session Track: Consumer Grade Experience

Learning Journey: CGE2 - Design and Develop SAP Fiori Apps

Flexibility in decision management has significant impact on companies’ competitiveness and their ability to avert risk. Enabling line-of-business users to configure business decisions directly from their application is a key ingredient to business rules management. Learn how to embed the rules builder control provided by SAPUI5 into your custom application and how enables your end users to manage business rules directly from the application without the need to access any technical tool.

Have a look at our SAP TechEd Barcelona CodeJam (mini-editions) session schedule:

October 23, 2018

October 24, 2018

October 25, 2018

You can find a detailed list of our sessions here.

See you on the show floor!