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TLTR: Hop on the 2018 #Cluebus that gently takes you from #sitSV in San Francisco to SAP TechEd in Las Vegas via Lake Tahoe. It's 6pm 28th of September until around 11am Sunday 30th Get your tickets here.

Picture by christian.braukmller4

SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley #sitSV was marvelous again last year! Thank you, Aiaz Kazi, for hosting us at Google's San Francisco office overlooking the Bay Bridge.

After a full day of #sitSV sessions, my favorite part was, us boarding the #Cluebus. It is a sleeper bus where most of the back is just a big mattress.

It is such a relaxing way to travel, laying in the back of the bus and let the world pass you by. Getting out of the city, enjoying the silver Bay Bridge with the Golden Gate in the distance, driving into the night. 🙂

After a while, the gentle rocking of the bus and the humming of the diesel engine puts you to sleep. A couple of hours later we woke up to a total change of scenery. There were the first Redwood Trees of Yosemite Valley. A day of beautiful hiking awaited us 🙂

We were fortunate enough to have #Capra the Community Goat joining us.

Thanks, christian.braukmller4 for being part of it and magically capturing Capra's trip.

Extra thanks to Neptune Software for doing the bulk of the sponsoring of the trip. If you want to develop your enterprise apps in days instead of months, you should check their modern full stack development environment out. Thank you as well to SAP for doing your part in sponsoring and making this dream come true.

#ClueBus 2018 anyone?

This time we are going via Lake Tahoe. I am a member of the Tourist Club (US branch of the Naturfreunde) that owns the Heidelmann Lodge close to Sugar Bowl. They have bunk beds where we can stay the Friday night after #sitSV. That means you only sleep one night on the bus.

I know some of you prefer your own transportation, you can join us at the Heidelmann Lodge that evening.

Let's enjoy a day around Lake Tahoe on Saturday, end it with a bonfire and a grill party that evening.

Later that night, we drive on to arrive in Las Vegas on Sunday morning as we did in 2017. Which gives you enough time to relax and for all that SAP TechEd has to offer, even the pre-conference events.

Interested? Get your tickets at Eventbrite.

Even if you only want to join us at the Heidelmann lodge, secure your ticket there.

I talked to many of you who really like the event, but for one reason or the other can't join, but like it and want it to exist, you can sponsor the event with a donation. That pot of money will also be used to pay for folks that lack of funds to join us.

Hope to see many of you on board the #ClueBus 🙂