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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The Cloud Experience and SAP Portal Team is ready for another exciting SAP TechEd season 2015. We are looking forward meeting you in Las Vegas and Barcelona. This year the following variety of topics are in the focus of our lectures and hands-on sessions:

  • SAP Portal portfolio and roadmap: learn about the transformation of the SAP Portal portfolio into cloud (mainly for external facing scenarios) and into the SAP Fiori UX paradigm. If you are at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, join us and we will get into discussion about that interesting topic.
  • SAP Fiori experience in Enterprise Portal: The SAP Fiori integration into Enterprise Portal gives customers the opportunity to evolve their application portals with a modern, responsive user experience and to renew the portal user experience with attractive, responsive and multi-device applications. Join our sessions to learn about the features on SAP Fiori integration into Enterprise Portal and about planned innovations. You will also get the latest news about our latest release for NW 7.4 SPS11/7.31 SPS16 providing new cool features like for example remote catalogs, which allow the integration of catalogs and groups from ABAP backend systems. Have also a look into this product demo as an appetizer.
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad: Get an overview on the deployment options of Fiori launchpad on ABAP, SAP Portal and the Cloud. Learn in our sessions how Fiori lauchpad is integrated into SAP Enterprise Portal and how it is implemented on HANA Cloud Platform.
  • SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition: SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition provides a new cloud based, simple deployment option for SAP Fiori on the cloud. It runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, while consuming the business data from the customers’ on-premise system. The extended SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition offering which is free of charge for 90 days, provides customers additional capabilities of extending  and branding SAP Fiori apps, and a full role-based, personalized SAP Fiori launchpad experience. Attend our lecture and hands-on session and dive deeper into this interesting topic.
  • Developing SAP Fiori apps on HANA Cloud Platform: you can learn how to develop and deploy SAP Fiori apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using SAP Web IDE and consuming them using the SAP Fiori launchpad .
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal: In the overview lecture at SAP TechEd you will see how you can easily create engaging business sites and solution extensions. This session explores benefits, showcases and key capabilities, recent innovations, and recommendations for developers creating solution extensions for software from SuccessFactors, an SAP company. You will also get some insight into the new release of Cloud Portal. If you would prefer to work hands-on with the product including the latest innovations, join us in our hands-on session.
  • Innovations and new products: We will also inform you about a variety of new releases and products: SAP Enterprise Portal on SAP NetWeaver 7.5, new release of HANA Cloud Portal, SAP Fiori Cloud Edition (planned availability in Q1 2016), and the new feature of overview pages in SAP Fiori launchpad.

You can find the sessions on the session catalog for Las Vegas and Barcelona mainly in the track User Experience Design and Technology.

Watch also this movie and get inspired for SAP TechEd:

Sessions in Details

TopicSession Title and NumberSession Details
ASUG Influence Council (only relevant for Las Vegas)UX116 ASUG Influence Council Open Meeting: SAP Portals

SAP values the customer feedback gained via the Influence Program.

By working collaboratively with ASUG members to identify and address customer concerns, SAP can leverage the feedback and innovative ideas to enhance the product. Join the ASUG SAP Portals Influence Council's Open Meeting to learn about the SAP Enterprise Portal latest enhancements and product direction, and see if you would like to join the council to further influence and enhance the product.

Portal and SAP Fiori in Enterprise Portal UX802 Road Map Q&A: SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP HANA Cloud PortalJoin this session to learn and discuss the latest innovations of the SAP Enterprise Portal portfolio: SAP Enterprise Portal (on premise), SAP HANA Cloud Portal (public cloud), and their integration options with SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud solutions.
UX202 Lecture. SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Enterprise Portal: Integration OptionsThis lecture outlines best practices for integrating the SAP Fiori user experience and SAP Fiori launchpad with the SAP Enterprise Portal component. The integration patterns span across different portal scenarios, with the objective of renovating the user experience and establishing an effective, modern entry point to SAP Fiori apps as well as existing SAP and non-SAP apps.
UX128 Mobilize SAP Enterprise Portal with SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Fiori AppsFind out how to put the user experience front and center. Learn how you can integrate the SAP Enterprise Portal with SAP Fiori launchpad including SAP Fiori applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. Share lessons learned from PepsiCo’s implementation experience.

UX600 CodeJam: Create a custom application on SAP Web IDE and run via FLP on EP

In this session, learn the end-to-end process to develop, test, deploy, and publish SAP Fiori-like applications to your SAP Enterprise Portal users. To assist in this process, learn how to use new tools like SAP Web IDE and SAP Fiori launchpad designer, as well as familiar tools like SAP Enterprise Portal administration studio.
UX705: Renovating the Portal: Standards and Quirks Mode Support (Code Review)In this session, we share the lessons learned and code samples for making your SAP Enterprise Portal rendered correctly in modern browsers. While some of the issues related to standards and quirks are being solved by SAP Enterprise Portal and the SAP UI technologies, there is still work to be done for custom applications and generic UI technologies. At the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of the scope of the problem, as well as ways for its resolution.
EXP27332 Networking Session: How SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal Simplifies the Way Employees Work

In this session we discuss the key benefits of implementing SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal.

Find out how you can bring renovation, simplification, and innovation to a wide range of employees across the organization.

IFL103 Product Influencing Session: What are the considerations to renovate Portal using Fiori Launchpad

Fiori Launchpad on Portal opens new opportunities for Portal customer to renovate their Portal. In the session we'll discuss: 1. What are the drivers for Portal renovation 2. For which kind of Portal scenarios would it make sense to renovate using Fiori Launchpad

3. What are the key challenges when transition Portal experience to Fiori Launchpad experience 4. What are the key functional gaps in Fiori Launchpad today which block the renovation

SAP HANA Cloud Portal

UX107 Lecture:

SAP HANA Cloud Portal: Overview, Scenarios, and Enhancements

Join this session to get an overview of SAP HANA Cloud Portal – and learn how you can easily create engaging business sites and solution extensions. This session explores benefits, showcases and key capabilities, recent innovations, and recommendations for developers creating solution extensions for software from SuccessFactors, an SAP company.
UX161 Hands-on: Experience SAP HANA Cloud Portal in ActionSee the latest innovations in SAP HANA Cloud Portal in action, including the new SAP Fiori user experience. This session features exercises and recommendations for creating engaging business sites, developing apps and sites with SAP HANA Cloud Portal, and creating extension solutions for software from SuccessFactors, an SAP company.
UX601 Develop Tailored SAP Fiori-Based Templates in SAP HANA Cloud PortalCode Jam
Fiori LaunchpadUX201 Lecture: SAP Fiori Launchpad: Deployment Options and Common RecommendationsSAP Fiori launchpad provides end users with a role-based, personalized aggregation point for business applications and analytics. Join this session to learn about the common recommendations for SAP Fiori launchpad architecture – ABAP front-end server, the SAP Enterprise Portal component, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform – and implementation best practices.
SAP Fiori in the Cloud

UX702 Develop SAP Fiori Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Deploy, Configure, Run

Develop and deploy SAP Fiori apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using SAP Web IDE. Configure apps to run on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and consume using the SAP Fiori launchpad.
UX203 Implementing SAP Fiori in the CloudSAP Fiori, cloud edition provides a new cloud-based, simple deployment option for SAP Fiori apps, SAP Fiori launchpad, UI theme designer, and more. It runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, while consuming business data from customers' on-premise systems, with minimum disruption. Join this session to learn how SAP Fiori, cloud edition can take you all the way from the exploration to adoption of SAP Fiori offerings via a cloud-based, simple deployment solution.
UX260 Experience SAP Fiori on SAP HANA Cloud PlatformJoin this hands-on session to experience SAP Fiori, cloud edition and learn how you can extend predefined SAP Fiori apps and develop new apps that are similar to SAP Fiori in the cloud.
Cloud ExtensionsDEV108 Extending SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP HANA Cloud PlatformJoin this session to learn how to extend the SAP Cloud for Customer solution with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. We focus on creating extensions beyond the scope of "in-app" adaptations with key user tools or SAP Cloud Applications Studio (SDK). The session provides an overview on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (e.g. SAP Web IDE) and recommendations for integration scenarios, from using prebuilt extensions such as "Support Site" and "Partner Portal" to developing your own custom extension app

Note: You can also check out our SAP TechEd site where you find information about our sessions, agenda and experts.

Contact our Experts

As in every year, we will have our best SAP Product Managers and Portal experts onsite at SAP TechEd. Don't miss out on a chance to interact with them in person. You can also contact them before the event for organizing an on-site meeting.

At the event you can also meet them at the Fiori Café and discuss with them Fiori in the Cloud, SAP Web IDE, Fiori Overview Pages and much more.

Aviad Rivlin: Twitter; @AviadRivlin

Inbal Sabag: Twitter; @inbalsab

Ifat Shwatz: Twitter; @IfatShw

Itay Sagiv: Twitter; @ItaySagiv

Ram Alon: Twitter; @ramalos

Thomas Hensel:; @ThHensel

Yariv Zur: Twitter; @vlvl

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