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I am going to TechEd Las Vegas 2015. My flight is departing on my birthday (dedication), and I hope that I will be jet lag free starting 19.10. My flight back to Rio is on 23.10. So, its GIG -> ATL -> LAS -> ATL -> GIG. This means Delta, so I am prepared for minimal comfort. Flight back on 23.10 means that I won`t be able to attend any session on the last event day, but have time to attend the sessions and workshops on the other 3 full conference days.

My schedule is based on my work. No experiments, nothing completely new I will try out, no out of the box thinking this time. My schedule is already pretty full with sessions related to Fiori, Web IDE, Mobile Secure / Afaria, Personas 3, SMP3, HCPms, mobile apps development. And I will also give two expert networking sessions:

Join these two sessions if you want to hear in a short time information about SMP3 architecture with Afaria, backend, client apps and the benefit of using an API or if you want to know more about the SIT Brasil events. You can check my site with more information about our events in Brazil.

I scheduled myself for two workshops: UX162 Effectively configure and manage SAP Fiori Launchpad and UX263 Improve the SAP UX with SAP Screen Personas. And both are on the same day! Other workshops that interested me conflicted with other sessions, and to be honest: I somehow prefer a session were you can better interact with the expert. Staying focused for 2 hours is complicated when I have to think about the other interesting session I may lose. That`s the good and bad thing about events: you will always be able to only attend a fraction of the sessions you want to go to, and inevitable lose a lot of high quality knowledge. At least the PPTs are of the sessions are made available! Besides this, I added a lot of MOB, UX and EXP sessions in my agenda. And I also will go to the usual SAP Mentor meet SAP executives meetings. Oh, and I have one DEV session in my agenda. I wonder why it’s only one, as I think I know a little bit about developing. Maybe I was searching for something related to CI/CD, quality analysis or package management 🙂

There is a mission on SCN that is about getting in contact with a SAP Mentor. Based on my schedule this is either pretty simple – find me in a session – or pretty complicated – find my while I am searching the room of my next session. Either way, I am always available for a talk about SAP Portal, Fiori, UI5, mobility, Java, development, architecture, etc. But don`t expect an hour long conversation. I have to get to my next session 😄

This year’s TechEd marks my return to an SAP event outside Brazil since 2012. Yep, it`s my first TechEd since 2012. I cannot believe that I missed 2013 and 2014!!! I wonder how much the concept changed over the years. Don`t worry, I`ll keep you posted on my impressions.

Wondering how my Outlook schedule looks like? Chaotic 😄

Why several session at the same time? I never know if my main session holds up to my expectations, or if my schedule is still compatible with my original idea. Instead of wandering around from room to room in search of a session, I have several backup sessions available.