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Just like I did last year with my blog Blag's recommended sessions for SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2012, this year I want to share with you my list of recommended session for TechEd Las Vegas, which is again...just around the corner :wink:

Enjoy! :grin:

Session IDTitleType
Real-Time Data Platform
RDP120 Synchronizing Enterprise Data to SAP HANALecture (1hr)
RDP160 Introduction to SAP HANA Data ModelingHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP102 Overview and Methodology of Deployment Recommendations for SAP HANA-Based ProductsLecture (2hr)
RDP110 Real-Time Applications Running on SAP HANA Road MapLecture (1hr)
RDP100 SAP HANA – What You Need to Know – A Comprehensive IntroductionLecture (1hr)
RDP103 SAP Data Services – The Data Integration Platform for All SAP Sources and SAP HANALecture (1hr)
RDP104 SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA OptimizationsLecture (2hr)
RDP131 How to Achieve Real-Time Replication for SAP HANA with SAP Replication ServerLecture (1hr)
RDP112 Big Data and the Real-Time Data Platform Including SAP HANA and Apache HadoopLecture (1hr)
RDP113 Unleash Location Intelligence with Geospatial Data ServicesLecture (1hr)
RDP114 Using SAP Control Center with SAP HANALecture (1hr)
RDP134 Building Applications That Analyze and Act on Real-Time Event StreamsLecture (1hr)
RDP135 Event Stream Processing – Introduction to Continuous QueriesLecture (1hr)
RDP147 Data Modeling in SAP HANA – Real World Examples from a Customer PerspectiveLecture (1hr)
RDP148 Spirit’s SAP HANA Journey – From Inception to Deployment and SupportLecture (1hr)
Custom Development
CD101 ABAP 7.4 NewsLecture (1hr)
CD102 Connecting Business Applications on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with On-Premise SystemsLecture (1hr)
CD166 Build SAP HANA Cloud Applications Which Integrate with On-Premise SystemsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD161 Introduction to SQL Script Basics and DebuggingHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD119 Building Responsive SAPUI5 Applications Following the SAP Fiori ApproachLecture (1hr)
CD162 SAP HANA Native Development – XS-Based DevelopmentHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD106 SAP HANA Cloud Document ServiceLecture (1hr)
CD107 SAP NetWeaver Gateway - On-Premise and in the CloudLecture (1hr)
CD164 Building User Interfaces for SAP HANA Native ApplicationsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD168 Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD109 UI Innovations with Web Dynpro ABAP and FloorPlan ManagerLecture (1hr)
CD110 SAPUI5 App Designer – Easily Adapt SAP Fiori Apps or Build New in HTML5Lecture (1hr)
CD163 SAP HANA Native Applications – RDL-Based DevelopmentLecture (2hr)
CD108 SAP Screen Personas – The Power to Improve Your User ExperienceLecture (2hr)
CD111 SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – Today and TomorrowLecture (1hr)
CD112 SAP Visual Business – Creating Interactive Graphical ApplicationsLecture (2hr)
CD103 SAP HANA Native Application DevelopmentLecture (2hr)
Enterprise Analytics
EA100 Overview of Analytics Solutions from SAPLecture (1hr)
EA112 Empowered Self-Service BI with SAP HANA and SAP LumiraLecture (1hr)
EA160 Using SAP Lumira with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and SAP HANAHands-On Workshop (2hr)
EA103 Extend Your Analytics Capabilities on SAP HANA Using SAP Predictive AnalysisLecture (1hr)
EA161 Consuming SAP HANA Predictive Functions with SAP Business Planning and ConsolidationHands-On Workshop (2hr)
EA108 An In-Depth Look at In-Memory Predictive Analytics for DevelopersLecture (1hr)
IT Management
ITM129 Simple and Fast Deployments of SAP Solutions in the Virtual Private CloudLecture (1hr)
ITM101 Integrating SAP HANA into Your LandscapeLecture (1hr)
ITM162 SAP HANA 101 for System AdministratorsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
ITM110 How Does SAP Solution Manager Support SAP HANA?Lecture (1hr)
MOB101 Syclo Agentry for SAP Mobile ProfessionalsLecture (1hr)
MOB102 Mobile Application Development with SAP HANA Cloud PlatformLecture (1hr)
MOB103 SAP Runs SAP – Mobile Security with SAP Mobile Platform and SAP AfariaLecture (1hr)
MOB116 Enabling Mobile Access to SAP – Design Decisions and Lessons LearnedLecture (1hr)
MOB119 Tackling Mobile Security – Deep Dive into SAP AfariaLecture (1hr)
MOB107 Using SAPUI5 in Mobile Application DevelopmentLecture (1hr)
Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal
POP105 SAP Portal - Portfolio Overview and Road Map for Mobile and Cloud ScenariosLecture (1hr)
POP101 Intelligent Processes on SAP HANA – Overview and OutlookLecture (1hr)
POP104 SAP HANA Cloud Integration – An Update from Product DevelopmentLecture (1hr)
POP113 Code Awesome and Delivering Great ApplicationsLecture (1hr)
POP162 Modeling Integration Scenarios on SAP HANA Cloud IntegrationHands-On Workshop (2hr)
POP106 SAP HANA Cloud Portal OverviewLecture (1hr)
POP109 Integration of SAP ERP HCM with SuccessFactors Using SAP NetWeaver PILecture (1hr)
POP114 Using a Mobile Portal to Monitor SAP HANALecture (1hr)
POP108 Workflow Approval – Anywhere, AnytimeLecture (1hr)
SAP Technology Innovation and Strategy
TEC119 Transforming Your Business with SAP HANA Enterprise CloudLecture (1hr)
TEC102 SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA – Applying In-Memory to Business Process InnovationLecture (1hr)
TEC103 Take Your Business Applications into the Future with SAP HANALecture (1hr)
TEC106 Go into the Cloud with SAP HANA Cloud PlatformLecture (1hr)
TEC110 SAP Runs SAP – SAP CRM Powered by SAP HANALecture (1hr)
TEC109 SAP Mobility Road Maps and StrategyLecture (1hr)
TEC113 SAP Fraud Management Powered by SAP HANA – New HTML5-Based UIsLecture (1hr)
TEC101 How to Best Embed SAP TechnologyLecture (1hr)
TEC116 ABAP on SAP HANA – Getting the Most Out of Your SAP HANA InstallationLecture (1hr)
Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On
SIS101 Securing SAP HANA Cloud Applications – An OverviewLecture (1hr)
SIS100 Overview About Product Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-OnLecture (1hr)
Real-Time Data Platform
RDP264 Get to Know the Real-Time Analytics Platform with SAP HANA LiveHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP262 Data Acquisition for SAP HANA with SAP Data ServicesHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP201 Overview of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.40 Powered by SAP HANA and Further Road MapLecture (1hr)
RDP203 Enhanced Support for SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA and Mixed ScenariosLecture (1hr)
RDP265 Replicating Data into SAP HANA Using SAP Sybase Replication ServerHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP261 Full-Text Search, Fuzzy Search, and Text Analysis in SAP HANAHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP206 SAP HANA smart data access for Accessing Enterprise Data Lecture (1hr)
RDP242 Location Intelligence with Geospatial in SAP HANALecture (1hr)
RDP210 Got Dirty Product Data? SAP Has the SolutionLecture (1hr)
RDP209 Data Quality Management in an SAP HANA and SAP LandscapeLecture (1hr)
RDP270 Real-Time Data Warehousing with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.40Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP212 SAP Sybase PowerDesigner for SAP HANALecture (1hr)
RDP267 Predictive Analytics and SAP HANAHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP238 SAP HANA Database Development – An Oracle Developer’s PerspectiveLecture (1hr)
RDP241 Integrating the SAP Real-Time Data Platform with HadoopLecture (2hr)
RDP222 OData Support in SAP Real-Time Data PlatformLecture (1hr)
Custom Development
CD263 ABAP on SAP HANA - Building an End-to-End App from HANA via ABAP to SAP UI5Hands-On Workshop (4hr)
CD262 Tune Your Custom ABAP Code – Get Ready for SAP HANA!Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD260 ABAP in Eclipse - Develop Like Never BeforeHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD202 Development of High Performance Applications Using SAP HANA, ABAP, and SAPUI5Lecture (1hr)
CD261 Creating Efficient Code Using the Renewed ABAPHands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD203 How to Port an Existing Solution to SAP HANA with the Maximum BenefitLecture (1hr)
CD201 Application Development Based on SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP and SAP HANALecture (2hr)
CD204 Develop an End-to-End Scenario with ABAP on SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAPUI5Lecture (2hr)
CD265 End-2-End Developer Experience with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5Hands-On Workshop (4hr)
CD205 Add Enterprise Qualities to Your SAPUI5 ApplicationsLecture (1hr)
CD207 Lessons Learned Building REST APIsLecture (1hr)
CD264 Developing Secure SAP HANA Cloud Applications Using OAuth and SAML 2.0Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
CD202 Development of High Performance Applications Using SAP HANA, ABAP, and SAPUI5Lecture (1hr)
Enterprise Analytics
EA201 Integrating SAP Lumira into Your Existing BI 4 LandscapeLecture (1hr)
EA202 Leveraging the SAPUI5 Technology to Transform the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Web ClientLecture (1hr)
EA261 Best Practices for Creating Complex Predictive Models with SAP Predictive AnalysisHands-On Workshop (2hr)
EA204 An Integration of Apache Hadoop, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessObjectsLecture (1hr)
EA260 All You Need to Know on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.2Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
EA218 SAP Runs SAP – How SAP IT is Delivering Business Value with Design StudioLecture (1hr)
EA206 Enabling Single Sign-On Between SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects SoftwareLecture (1hr)
EA214 Get Your SAP NetWeaver BW Ready for SAP HANALecture (1hr)
IT Management
ITM212 How to Migrate ABAP-Based SAP Systems to SAP HANALecture (2hr)
ITM236 How to Bring SAP HANA into Your Landscape with SAP HANA Enterprise CloudLecture (1hr)
ITM261 SAP HANA Content Transport ManagementHands-On Workshop (2hr)
ITM213 Migration to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on SAP HANA - Best Practice Update 2013Lecture (1hr)
ITM214 SAP HANA Operations in Data Centers with High Availability and Disaster RecoveryLecture (1hr)
ITM212 How to Migrate ABAP-Based SAP Systems to SAP HANALecture (2hr)
MOB263 Building an E2E Solution with SAP Mobile Platform Against a Non-SAP BackendHands-On Workshop (2hr)
MOB260 Mobilizing SAP HANA with SAP Mobile PlatformHands-On Workshop (2hr)
MOB261 Build an enterprise mobile application on SAP Mobile Platform Hands-On Workshop (4hr)
MOB202 Creating Services for Mobile Applications Using SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData ChannelLecture (1hr)
MOB203 Rapid Mobile Deployment with SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Adobe PhoneGapLecture (1hr)
Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal
POP260 Mobilizing SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management ProcessesHands-On Workshop (2hr)
POP264 Experience the "Mobile Portal" in ActionHands-On Workshop (2hr)
POP203 Data Integration use cases for SAP HANA CLoud IntegrationLecture (1hr)
POP204 Business Networks Integration – SAP Financial Services Network and AribaLecture (1hr)
POP207 SAP HANA Cloud Portal – Deep DiveLecture (1hr)
POP265 Experience SAP HANA Cloud Portal in ActionHands-On Workshop (2hr)
POP211 The Ajax Framework – Benefits of and Best Practices for ImplementationLecture (1hr)
POP209 Enrich Your SAP HANA XS Applications with User Interface Integration ServicesLecture (1hr)
SAP Technology Innovation and Strategy
TEC217 SAP Fiori – Technology Behind the ScenesLecture (1hr)
TEC202 SAP HANA Road MapLecture (1hr)
TEC205 SAP Runs SAP – How SAP is Deploying SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANALecture (1hr)
TEC211 Architecture Needed to Upgrade and Migrate to SAP HANALecture (1hr)
TEC215 Real-Time Data Replication into Hadoop with Data Services and AttunityLecture (1hr)
TEC207 Building Innovative Applications on Top of SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 740 on SAP HANALecture (1hr)
Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On
SIS260 RFC Security – Good Bye to SAP_ALL and S_RFC Wild Cards!Hands-On Workshop (2hr)
SIS200 SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On – Overview and Latest NewsLecture (1hr)
SIS201 Security in Different SAP HANA Scenarios – An OverviewLecture (2hr)
SIS265 Single Sign-On for the ABAP World Using SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-OnHands-On Workshop (2hr)
SIS202 SAP Runs SAP – Remote Function Call: Gateway Hacking and DefenseLecture (1hr)
SIS261 Your Way to Secure ABAP Code – Scan, Analyze, and Fix Your ProgramsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
SIS206 IT Security Governance with SAP Solution Manager and SAP Process ControlLecture (2hr)
Real-Time Data Platform
RDP360 Enhanced Support for SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA and Mixed ScenariosHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP301 A Holistic BI Architecture with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and SAP HANALecture (2hr)
RDP361 SAP HANA Modeling WorkshopHands-On Workshop (2hr)
RDP302 Understanding SAP HANA Database PerformanceLecture (1hr)
Enterprise Analytics
EA360 Take Full Advantage of SAP HANA Features and Performance with SAP BusinessObjects BI SolutionsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
IT Management
ITM360 Easy Migration to SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA Using SUMHands-On Workshop (4hr)
ITM361 SAP HANA Database OperationsHands-On Workshop (2hr)
ITM362 Build SAP Like a Factory – Implement Standard Solutions and Manage GapsHands-On Workshop (4hr)
ITM304 SAP ERP on SAP HANA Migration – Step-by-Step Instructions, Approach, and Lessons LearnedLecture (1hr)
Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal
POP360 Advanced SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management DevelopmentHands-On Workshop (4hr)