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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

At SAP TechEd in Barcelona we want to set you a fun task. One that we are sure you all will be able to rise to and that is to take awesome photographs to capture those particular moments during your SAP TechEd in Barcelona.

One of the greatest technology aspects that we are all part of, is that we carry these wonderful & magical converged mobile devices with us at all times. Yes, I’m talking about the Smartphone! The smartphone is part of our lives and not only does it keep us connected at all times, via voice, data and apps, but it allows us to be ready for when this modern wonder can be at hands reach, to bring us together, solve problems or capture that particular moment in time.

I really love photography and never in history have there been so many cameras available to so many, giving us all the ability to document our lives. Though with having these great cameras on our smartphone, it isn’t just a matter of point and shoot, taking thousands of photos and hoping to get one great one. It is still about composure, framing your image, that unique angle, light & shadow, depth control, colour, close-ups… I could go on and on.

Each day we have a theme based around Developers, SAP TechEd and SAP Technology. So you need to follow @SAPCommunity, if you do not already, to see the reminder of the theme of the day! But if you want to be thinking about it before next week, here they are...

  • Monday October 7 - #Road2Barcelona - Barcelona bound

  • Tuesday October 8 - #Born2Build - Developer Persona

  • Wednesday October 9 - #Yearn2Learn - Quest for Knowledge

  • Thursday October 10 - #Mode2Code - Community Spirit

The only rules are that you have to…

  • Take your photo on your smartphone.

  • Take your photo between Sat Oct 5 and Thurs Oct 10, in or on your way to Barcelona.

  • Tweet the photo on the day of the theme, to @SAPCommunity using the hashtag #SAPTechEd and the theme of the day hashtag (as above).

  • Have fun & channel your innermost David Bailey, Cindy Sherman etc

Each day the best photos will be printed and displayed upon the Community Photo Gallery in the Community area of the Developer Garage on the show floor. By the end of the week we aim to have an awesome mosaic that sums up SAP TechEd Barcelona.

Here is a glimpse of what was created in Las Vegas, and I believe that you the Barcelona attendees can do much better! Come on let's be social!

So, enter each day by tweeting your picture to @SAPCommunity and use the hashtags #SAPTechEd and the hashtag of the theme of your picture (as above). Then come by the Developer Garage to see if you have made the wall.