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Community Administrator
Community Administrator
So last week, or really just a few days ago was the SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas, and we were busy! I mean I don't actually feel like I've stopped yet to be honest. If you've not read the recaps from jerry.janda, I suggest you do because they are basically a perfect guide to what to expect in Barcelona as well (minus the dogs and music and gonzo journalism).

In fact for Barcelona we are already off and running with the unconferences. Be sure to sign up! I'll be doing one as well just like in Vegas...

So what else can you expect in the Developer Garage/Community Lounge areas of the Barcelona show floor? Highlights include..

Headshot photographer -- Looking to update your profile pic? We'll have a professional photographer in the Community Lounge, taking free headshot photos.

Mural -- An artist will be in the Community Lounge, creating a massive mural to illustrate key elements of the show. If you have thoughts about what the mural should include, stop by to offer your opinions. Here's the masterpiece from Las Vegas...

Unconference -- As I mentioned earlier, we're already scheduling unconference meetups for Barcelona. These 30-minute sessions are an excellent way to connect with members and discuss topics that are especially interesting to you.

App Space -- In Las Vegas, SAP TechEd attendees completed more than 2,400 hands-on tutorials in our App Space. You'll be able to take these tutorials in Barcelona, too -- working at your own pace and earning prizes for completions.

App Center -- If you've developed a solution for SAP, you'll want to talk to the experts here to find out how you can market your offering.

Community Talks -- Taking place in our Community Theater, the innovative Community Talks are 30-minute sessions delivered by our members for our members. Learn more about the talks we have planned for Barcelona.

Partners such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon -- With so much going on at the show, my hands are starting to cramp from all this typing. So how about you watch the first half of this video below to get a taste of what you can expect from the partners exhibiting in the Developer Garage? (And if you skipped the previous paragraph, watch the whole thing to hear a little about the Community Talks as well.)

Open Source Bar -- Whether you're new to open source or an old pro, you'll want to hit the bar to hear about a variety of open-source projects in use at SAP and elsewhere. Check out this post to learn more.

Learning Zone (with Learning Hub and openSAP) -- If you're coming to SAP TechEd to learn -- and let's face it, that's the whole point of attendance (and the primary goal of our Developer Garage) -- then you can't skip this. Get into the zone by talking to colleagues from SAP Learning Hub about their program and to openSAP instructors about their courses and certification.

SAP Runs SAP -- Want to see how SAP uses its own a truly interactive fashion? The cool demos here are both educational and entertaining, featuring virtual reality (and sandbox!).

Those are just some of the cool sections we'll have set up, but I shouldn't overlook the thing most important to community: the people! Thanks to our tutorial and scholarship contests, dozens of people will be able to access the SAP TechEd show floor -- some even for the first time! Several members of our influencers program will also be on the show floor...and circulating in the Developer Garage. Expect SAP Mentors, SAP Champions, and SAP Technology Ambassadors to share their expertise in the meetup areas and elsewhere.

So if you'll be in Barcelona next week (there's still time to register), make sure to leave room in your agenda for a visit to the Community Lounge. While my team and I enjoy connecting with community members online, a true community is everywhere and anywhere -- and meeting at events such as SAP TechEd proves it!




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