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Community Administrator
Community Administrator
Have you ever sat down to realise that what you thought was just yesterday was actually a whole week ago? I just got off the phone with an industry analyst talking about what has been going on with the SAP Community, SAP Mentors and SAP TechEd. These folks can be a tough crowd but they are always fair and as we talked I realised that like for Las Vegas I'm super excited to be heading into Barcelona!

Like we had in Vegas, we've a packed show floor with tons of activities for Barcelona as well! The AppSpace is certainly going to command a lot of attention.

But the Community Lounge with SAP IT and Capture the Flag will be great activities to check out as well!

The keynote (I've had a few peeks) is looking cool, the sessions are great and the agenda builder is live!  I was just in the session catalog and now I wish I personally had more time to go to sessions myself.

Our "Community Showcase" sessions are there, Lightning Talks, CodeJam, and soooooo many more!

These community sessions are done by your fellow community members so if you have the chance you should definitely come and check them out! Afterwards grab a coffee and hang out in the lounge and catch up and share your experiences. You can also get an updated photo for your profile!


The mural artist in Vegas had some fun with me, we'll have another artist in Barcelona so be sure to get your own thoughts in there! But seriously we'll have a professional photographer there taking headshots for you that you get in "near real time" - I'd say real time but email servers are funny that way.

There is so much happening you'll never want for something to do and as always the SAP Developer & Community Relations team (Evangelists, Community, Platform, etc) are all on site and happy to chat about what we are doing, planning, working on and your own suggestions for the future!

I was extremely honoured to have these sessions in Vegas and even more so to have them in Barcelona as well! So personally I think the best way to end your day is to come by and check out this session (multiple speakers each day and a session each day)

I look forward to seeing you in Barcelona and I hope you come by and say hello, bend our ears and talk!