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Community Administrator
Community Administrator
It has been an extremely busy year for SAP TechEd. The sheer number of blog posts alone has been impressive, and I thought I'd add one more!

We've finished off Las Vegas (actually finished, too -- check out the Save the Date to see where we are in 2020), and we've rounded out Barcelona, where, among other things, I had a spirited conversation about the nature of the event. (Hint: It's more than just a tech show -- it's about a community encompassing equally important technology and business experts working together.)

And with those two conferences behind us, we are now off to Bangalore! What can you expect there? Well, for one thing, our very own CTO, Jürgen Müller, will give the the final keynote in the three-part series. Whether you're in attendance in Bangalore or planning to watch online, you'll want to check out the other two first. You can watch each keynote (from Las Vegas and Barcelona) in its entirety, although if you're pressed for time, you can skip to the highlight videos instead. (Personally, I'd recommend that you watch the full keynotes -- as each is packed with so much, and they're definitely worth the time.)

So in addition to the keynote, what does Bangalore have to offer? Well, from the Developer and Community Relations team, it's a ton! Let's dive into the developer side for starters.

In the Developer Garage, we will have the Code Review theater with sessions to teach tips and tricks for keeping code clean, and the SAP CodeJam (mini-editions) will show attendees how to build a small solution. On top of that, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple will join us. But our big highlight will once again be the 30+ computers set up for you to get your hands on in the App Space, where you can complete step-by-step tutorials with support from experts from our team.

Last year, we set a record for the number of the App Space tutorials completed in Bangalore. If you'll be there this year, let's see if we can break that record!

On the SAP Community side, we've added a bit this year -- while returning with some of the popular activities from previous years.

We are bringing back the headshot photographer so everyone can get an updated profile picture online, and the Meetups (where you can meet SAP experts) will be taking place there. Colleagues from SAP Runs SAP will also be joining, so be sure to check out the cool stuff we are working on internally at SAP!

In addition, we'll have a mural artist on site to capture a visual representation of the event, and we've added a whole new Community Theater -- where innovation talks will be held! We did a call for these talks for Bangalore, but we also want to take advantage of the idea of unconferences so we made a very last-minute decision to open up a few slots each day in the theater for them.

Are you attending SAP TechEd Bangalore next week and can you answer yes to one of the following?

  • Do you have an interesting project you are working on?

  • Are you an expert in your field?

  • Are you combining cool tech and SAP together?

  • Have you recently written a book?

  • Have you found a way to do something a lot of people are asking about?

Well then I expect you to do an unconference. An unconference covers topics that your fellow community members will want to hear about, and we'd love to invite you on our Community Theater stage to talk about your topic. You only need to present for 20 minutes, then spend 10 minutes for Q&A. It's a great opportunity to share your knowledge and connect with members who can help you as well! In order to schedule yours, please comment below -- letting us know what topic your unconference will cover, and when you'd like to present it. We'll then work with you to get it scheduled.

You can also stop by our area of the show and set something up. We hope you'll stop by regardless -- and that you'll take the time to connect with other members. We're sure you will. SAP TechEd Bangalore is always busy for the audience and us alike. It  never fails to amaze us in terms of interaction and engagement...and engagement is a huge part of community!

In fact, it's a huge thing for my team and me as well. So if you'll be in attendance, please do come and talk to us.

I'll even be doing a session where you can come and talk to me and the team about the SAP Community -- just as I did in Barcelona and Las Vegas.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there next week!