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The SAP TechEd session catalog went live last week, and it is a great time to be planning to attend SAP TechEd Las Vegas in September.  In 2011, SAP's Gail Moody-Bird gave me an "SCN Executive Handbook" and it says
In-person events augment, deepen and strengthen community member relationships with each other and with SAP while providing a platform and venue for information exchange, education and market influencing thought leadership

I would say SAP TechEd fits this description.  Mark Yolton, formerly of SAP, called it the "SAP Community family reunion".

Please consider adding the following SAP Mentor sessions to your schedule:


Session Speaker Details


abapGit: Modernizing ABAP Developmen
graham.robinson abapGit is an open source Git client that lets ABAP developers work with Git-based version control systems. See how easy it is to install and use abapGit in your own ABAP development projects starting right now. We discuss how it can enhance and compliment the traditional ABAP developer experience and change control process. Expect plenty of live examples to demonstrate every point.


Deployment Options with Business Continuity for SAP HANA (HA and DR)


The SAP HANA platform runs critical customer workloads and therefore needs to be protected against failure. This session provides an overview of available high-availability (HA) and disaster-recovery (DR) options and then takes a deep dive into two of the most common options for deploying SAP HANA (host auto-failover and system replication) and explains how to take these options into consideration for your landscape..


How You Can Do DevOps Within Your SAP Landscape
chris.kernaghan?start=15 SAP has yet to embrace the practices and philosophy of DevOps for many reasons. This session walks through the major components of a DevOps shop and relates these practices to the SAP world and technology. Explore the major steps in undertaking a DevOps transformation, leveraging personal experience with customers and their journey.


Journey to the Cloud: Extending SAP S/4HANA Cloud at Plaut IT Australia
Former Member Plaut IT Australia tells the story of how they extended SAP S/4HANA Cloud for their own business. There will always be times when you need something extra that isn’t provided "out of the box", so they give an overview of the extensibility options, showcase the SAP Cloud Platform services they used during their design and development phases, and deep dive into the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Finish with a look to the future, hear what’s on the horizon about what is next.


SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP HANA, and SAP Screen Personas Done at a Small Customer 

If you feel you need a big project to introduce a complete alternative to the SAP user experience of old, then you should come along to see how a small Australian customer has organically introduced the SAP Fiori launchpad, SAP Fiori apps, SAP HANA, SAP Smart Business tiles, SAP Screen Personas, and more to their workforce. In addition, the impact of upgrading to SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP Screen Personas SP4, and SAP Business Client 6 will be discussed.


Tips For Keeping Your SAP Database Lean and Mean

Attend this session to explore ways to keep your SAP database lean by using data archiving and SAP-recommended housekeeping jobs. Learn about best practices from someone who has been archiving since 1999.


What Lies Beneath: Avoiding the Back-End Development Iceberg
alisdair.templeton4 Just like the Titanic, developers in the new world of SAP development must worry more about what is under the water than above. Sure, SAPUI5 is nice, but without a properly architected back end to support the new user experience, an organization's foray into this new world can quickly end up in unsupportable confusion. Explore various development strategies, the use of layering, and architectures such as "ports and adapters" to successfully build applications in this new world.


At last year's SAP TechEd, SAP Mentor sessions were some of the top attended ASUG sessions at the event.  In fact, Graham Robinson's "Building Services for SAP Gateway" was one of the top attended sessions and he repeated it as an ASUG webcast - you can watch the replay here.  I want to congratulate the SAP Mentor speakers above.

You can find session descriptions in the session catalog.  I want thank all the presenters for preparing this great content and thank everyone who wanted to present a session.  We had a record breaking year of submissions and it was not possible to select everyone.

Why should you consider ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd?  Michelle Crapo says in this blog :
ASUG sessions present things you can use immediately.

I want to bring one thing back and use it.    Anything.  Usually I find that in the ASUG run session

I encourage you to register today.  I also saw this on social media:
Lowest rate for SAP TechEd Las Vegas - early bird ends June 26

The SAP TechEd web site gives you reasons to attend - people, roadmaps, problem-solving, and education.  Also see Thorsten Franz's blog "Why I REALLY attend SAP TechEd"

On a final note, I want to thank the ASUG SAP TechEd Design team members, who volunteered their own time.  They are Kristen Dennis, Kevin Comegys, and Gretchen Lindquist.  Gretchen has been an ASUG volunteer for 20 years, and she is now a SAP Mentor Alumnus.   Grethen helped ensure great content and great diversity, and helped make some tough decisions.  I want to thank Gretchen for her great years of service.

A look back - hear why Gretchen says you should attend SAP TechEd:

Gretchen usually sings in the SAP Fiori Jam Band at SAP TechEd Las Vegas:

Source: Martin Lang

Good luck to Gretchen and thank you for the years of volunteering.
If you aren’t able to attend SAP TechEd Las Vegas, you can engage with the SAP Mentors by following them on twitter @SAPMentors