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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to announce the agenda for #sitNL's 10th anniversary. It is a fully packed one so we will have lots of Sharing, Learning and Inspiring. And sure we will not forget about the Fun.


SAP Masterclasses

Time Masterclass 1 Masterclass 2

ABAP on SAP Cloud Platform


andre.becker / jan.ole.skirke
13:00 Break

ABAP on SAP Cloud Platform


andre.becker / jan.ole.skirke

Function as a Service



SAP Inside Track Netherlands

Time Tech 1 Tech 2 BI

Welcome and opening


SAP Community, everywhere and anywhere


SAP STARTUP - Experiences after 7 years


Fun with SAP CP Service


SAP TechEd recap

1c996cacb1274a94b1b6e84abd9dfac3 / Sven van Leuken

Building the right it before you build it right


Smart coffee powered by Leonardo


SAP Analytics Cloud as enabler for the Intelligent Enterprise

12:00 Lunch break

The new RESTful Programming Model in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment


How SAP Leonardo is empowering animal wellbeing

Leon Moltzer / Harmen Werkman / bartvandekamp

Data Hub – What is it, and what’s new?


SAP CX Live Recap


Native/Hybrid/Something Android


New standard within BW/4HANA transformations: AMDP

Noud Faase / clemens-krom

Future of ABAP Developers


Mendix, a piece of cake?

wim.snoep2 / Bart van den Heuvel

How to survive in the ever expanding ecosystem of SAP Data Warehousing?

15:00 Break

Beyond Odata: Introducing the XML/A model for ui5


SAP Cloud Platform x Microsoft Graph


SAP HANA SQL DW – What’s so special?


No comment?


What the FaaS??


Can you keep up with SAP Analytics Cloud?


How Domain-Driven Design can help you to become a better developer


Free beer or headache - are you doing Open Source right?


Intelligent Enterprise - what does it mean for all of us?

17:20 Break

Wrap up



dick.groenhof / Sven van Leuken
18:20 Dinnerparty


Session abstracts

Speaker Abstract
Roland Bouwman

We developed a UI5 model (and bindings) that allows developers to build OLAP applications on XML/A providers (including but not limited to SAP/HANA). The model supports databinding so you can build rich, true OLAP ui5 clients. The XML/A model for UI5 is based on the open source Xmla4js library.

(We're currently working to release our XML/A model for ui5 as open source shortly)
Wouter Lemaire With smart coffee machines coffee distributors can monitor the consumption by their customers real-time and automate customer service activities (e.g. filter replacements, consumption registrations, … )
In this session, I will show you how we can make every professional coffee machine smart with the Leonardo Service Internet of Things Application Enablement. Starting from Edge Processing on the device to a beautiful UI5 Dashboard in the Cloud.
Andre Fischer In my session I will talk about the new ABAP RESTful programming model which is now available with the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment.
In a demo I will show how to develop a simple transactional application and explain the new concepts such behavior definition, behavior implementation and service binding.
Fred Verheul Domain-Driven Design is about communication, creating shared understanding, and letting your code reflect that understanding. The ideas have been introduced in 2003 already, but lately DDD has had a revival because of the perceived fit with microservices. DDD is not SAP-specific, but rather one of these themes that the SAP developer community should adopt from outside our 'bubble'. In this session we'll explain its major ideas, strategic and tactical patterns, and how and when it can help you as a developer.
Robert Eijpe Na mijn bezoek aan de SAPPHIRE 2018 in Orlando is het mij duidelijk geworden dat de werkzaamheden van de traditionele ABAP ontwikkelaar de aankomende jaren drastisch gaat veranderen. In deze sessie zal ik aangeven waarom mij dit duidelijk is geworden en welke eerste stappen een ABAP ontwikkelaar kan nemen om hierop voorbereid te zijn.
Laurens van Rijn The art of commenting your code with a bit of Technical Debt, Clean Code, ABAP Doc, and Code Inspector.
Christian Drumm In this session I'll show how easy it is to build complex processes using SAP CP service. Starting from scratch I will combine the workflow service, the business rules service and the mobile cards to build a simple approval process.
Tudor Riscutia SAP partners and customers alike embark on the journey to innovation. The investment in adopting and adapting to the newest technology trends is high, but is it worth it? Mastering the Fiori principles and building the most beautiful user interfaces is exciting, but is someone really using the applications? In this talk we will discuss how concepts like fail-fast and test-driven development can be applied before the actual implementation.
Karol Kalisz It's about what is the intelligent enterprise and how SAP products are contributing to the delivered intelligence. It is about the changes you can expect out of it in your enterprise context. It's about the influence on the roadmaps of SAP platform and SAP product portfolio
Vincent Weiss With the Android SDK now out there, let's explore what options are available nowadays for your Mobile App and how the Android SDK works.
Wim Snoep & Bart van den Heuvel In this session we discuss customers challenges. We discuss with tangible questions on why and how you could apply an agile solution on top of SAP and which choices to make, like Fiori or Mendix and zoom in a bit on differences. We mix these experiences with an live demo.
Marius Obert You probably have heard it more than 1000 times: 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world are SAP customers are SAP Customer, and 96% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one Microsoft cloud offering, such as Office365. Both, SAP's and Microsoft's, solutions contain the better part of each company's mission-critical data. This offers a great opportunity to combine and leverage the data of both source systems and to make use of synergy effects.
In this talk, I will introduce you to the basic concepts of Microsoft Graph, the “gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365”. Join me to learn what data is accessible via this service and how to use it in SAPUI5 apps.
Leon Moltzer/ Harmen Werkman Next to supplying Water to end-customers, the European Bison (Wisent) is also one of the ‘biggest’ responsibilities of PWN. Besides being the 2nd biggest water company in the Netherlands they also maintain two National Parks including the animals living in it. This specific client case is inspired on a hackathon organized by PWN. One of the questions remained was how all data possibly generated from their National Park could be leveraged in SAP and how to analyze and transform it to actual value. This session shows how SAP Leonardo can enable a solution using IOT and UI5 to analyze and improve the wellbeing of the European Bisons.
Jörg Siebert I would like to share 10 milestones when founding a company in the SAP ecosystem. From idea to business plan, changing job , first steps with the new company, IT infrastructure, from prototype to production and adjusting the plan and company concept. This presentation is a restrospective of a matured startup and should give the audience inspiration what might happen when you found your own company.
Hendrik Neumann

There has been another SAP tech confrence in Barecelona two weeks before TechEd.. *SAP CX Live*

I would like to tell the #SAPCXLive story with my personal highlights. Among them:
* What is this C/4HANA thing? (Hint: 5 clouds, 7 qualities)
* Project Kyma or SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory as the grown ups call it.
* Project Luigi and Micro Frontends
* iBecons on your badge - wait what?
Sefan Linders Data Hub – What is it, and what’s new?
It’s a year after the launch of Data Hub, and the new 2.3 version has just been released. We’ll take a look at the new metadata features, discuss several use cases, and it’s position within the ever growing data domain
Sefan Linders SAP HANA SQL DW – What’s so special?
What makes the SAP HANA SQL DW so special? Is it the native CI/CD support? The complete web based approach? Or is it just as special as all other SQL DWs out there? Sefan will guide you through what it is, and what is new with the latest DW Foundation service pack and Web IDE Feature Pack.
Jan van Ansem

The pace of change in SAP Data Warehousing is faster than ever. Changes are caused by innovations in BW/4HANA, the coming-of-age of SAP’s SQL Data Warehouse and external factors such as ‘big data’, ‘advanced analytics’ or new legislation, like GDPR. It is impossible to keep on top of all the changes, but one thing is clear: Learning is no longer optional.

In this presentation Jan will highlight some of the more significant recent changes and exchange some ideas on how to stay up to date. He will also talk about some real-life examples of how new technology helped to meet business requirements and, if all goes well, run a life demo of such new technology,
Iver van de Zand The session “SAP Analytics Cloud as enabler for the Intelligent Enterprise“ will provide you with a technical outlook on how SAP has evolved SAP Analytics Cloud into a tool that is at the core of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. Iver van de Zand – Global Head Analytics & Leonardo PreSales – will share the latest SAC evolutions as well as provide you with a detailed outlook on what you can expect on short notice”
Noud Faase &  Clemens Krom Noud and Clemens will talk about the new standard within BW/4HANA transformations: AMDP. They will talk about the different use cases and their pros and cons as well as how it relates to ABAP. In addition, they will demo some interesting possibilities of AMDP.
Martijn van Foeken

SAP is quickly extending their Analytics Cloud solution and it's hard to keep up with the waves containing exiting new features, introduced on a bi-weekly basis. Now with the introduction of Application Design, SAP adds a 4th pillar besides BI, Planning and Predictive features to SAP Analytics Cloud to enabling customers to easily and quicky build custom applications.

In this presentation Martijn will highlight some of the latest innovations in SAP Analytics Cloud and will talk about / live demo the first version of the Application Designer, which is currently in BETA. He will also talk about the APOS Publisher for Cloud, a partner solution that enables bursting of personalized SAP Analytics Cloud stories to end users to various destinations and in different formats.


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