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I am excited about two things when I am writing this blog. First one is about my first blog on new community and the later one is about the Teched Barcelona.

Let me start by telling the last words at the beginning. I advise everyone to join the Techeds.
It was great pleasure to be in SAP Teched Barcelona 2016 for me.

As you may know I had a chance to go to Teched because of our first S/4HANA project that I explained in my First S/4HANA Simple Finance Experience blog. My colleague had a chance to preseent this experience in one of the "Speakers from the SAP Community" session named TEC123-Lessons Learned from Turkey's First and Only Migration of SAP S/4HANA. Big thanks to Community.

We started our journey to Teched Barcelona from Istanbul together with 3 colleagues. We arrived at Barcelona on Monday noon and after leaving our belongings to our accommodation place we had a sightseeing  at La Rambla, at La Boquería and at Port of Barcelona.

From La Rambla,

At the Columbus Monument at the port

SAP Teched Barcelona 2016 started on Tuesday mornig with check in and getting the badge.
Here I am at SAP Teched Barcelona 2016.

It was great to join the keynote and listen to Bernd Leukert. HANA 2 was anounced in this keynote.
I am impatient about installing HANA 2 and wonder when it will happen. I hope it would be in short time.

I followed the Teched using the event mobile app and SAP Document Center app.  Mobile app was very helpful to follow the agenda and sessions.
Of course I visited SAP Comunity desk on showfloor and wrote my short blog there. Try to give a hand to build up new Community. 🙂

It was very nice to have selfies with SAP Mentors, too.

With Eng Swee Yeoh, Jason Cao, Peter Langner

With Gali Kling Schneider, Moshe Naveh

The sessions that I had in my Agenda were;

NET40016 What's New with SAP HANA Academy?
ITM202 News in Application Operations Based on SAP Solution Manager 7.2
ITM203 Build Your Dashboards in SAP Solution Manager with Focused Insights
MOB360 Hands-On Workshop: Enable SAP Single Sign-On for SAP Fiori Apps
ITM210 Custom Code Management: What's New in SAP Solution Manager 7.2?
SEC202 SAP HANA and Security: Safeguarding Access and Data in Different Scenarios
NET39513 How to Plan and Execute a Migration to SAP HANA: Q&A
SEC103 Simple Steps Toward Increased Security with the New SAP Single Sign-On 3.0
ITM301 IT Service Management: Plenty of New Features in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
DMM808 Road Map Q&A: SAP Replication Server
NET39594 The SAP Basis of Tomorrow: Technology, Organization, and Processes
NET40459 SAP Community – Demo and Feedback
ITM161 Make your Custom Code SAP S/4HANA Ready: The New Quality Cockpit in CCLM
NET39521 IT Service Management with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
ITM817 Road Map Q&A: SAP Landscape Management
TEC120 SAP Solution Manager: Road Map and Strategic Direction for 7.2 and Beyond
DEV222 ABAP Worst Practices: Most Common Mistakes and Alternatives
ITM213 Easy Adaption of SAP Software System Landscapes with Maintenance Planner
NET39524 Data Volume Management in the Context of Converting to SAP S/4HANA
TEC123 Lessons Learned from Turkey's First and Only Migration of SAP S/4HANA

I could't enter some of my sessions because of lack of seats in the Networking Session rooms. Attandees interest to sessions were high. I also learnt and got many new topics in sessions. I will try to apply then whenever I get a chance.

I got HANA Express Edition on a USB from SAP HANA Academy team by joining the session NET40016.

Since our flight back to Istanbul was on Thursday we could not attend any sessions on Thursday unfortunately.

You have chance to watch replays from 2016 Videos page of Teched

I had many things that I have done first time in my life with this visit to Teched.
Here are some of them

Been to Teched
Been to Barcelona
Met SAP Mentors
Ate food like octopus, Spanish Omlette Tortilla, Tapas

Let me put some words that I learnt in Spain also. ¡Hola, Gracias, adiós. 🙂

And the wishes. I wish
I could have chance to present a session
I could join more sessions
I could meet more mentors
I could visit more "stand" on show floor
I could follow the Teched on social media and share some info

Thanks to all who provided my attendance to the Teched.

Hope to see all in next Techeds.

PS: Sorry for the irregular paragraph design. Very difficult to use the blog editor. I tried many times but could not correct it. I hope the editor will be more easy to use in near future.