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I joined the second session after I heard Greg Capps discuss it during a community check in.

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Ongoing problem

Data is going everywhere

Who has what data

How to protect endpoints if no patching happens

Zero trust architecture

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Secure operations map: link:

Building blocks to learn about SAP security

On premise view

Build a security culture at your organization

One customer mapped their solution to the building blocks for a framework and a road map

Solution Manager has capabilities - security optimization service


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For the cloud, a shared security responsibility

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Your roles/responsibilities vs SAP vs hyperscaler

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CIO guide on

Work with cloud services - identity authentication, and access governance, and integrate with on premise solutions

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Tie once employee is onboarded

Automate workflow for identity and access

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Integrate with API's for on premise

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Data Custodian in the cloud

Provides key management services

Can be on premise or cloud

Big data solution from SAP, using SAP HANA

Looks at log collectors, correlation against attack detection patterns

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Pulls in Security Notes

Mid Point Q&A:

Q: Is SAP Enterprise Threat Detection installed with out-of-the-box settings/monitoring ?

A: Yes, there are patterns available out of the box

Q: SAP Enterprise Threat Detection - is this available be default or to be purchased separately

A: It is a separate licensed product

Q: Do you recommend using System recommendations instead of Security notes in SAP ETD if available?

A: You can use both together or either depending on your requirements

Q: What is the average implementation time for SAP Enterprise Threat Detection?

A: Implementation timeframe depends on the requirements

Q: Can ETD feed off of ARA, with respect to SA Tcodes/Apps?

A: ETD can help track who did what in the SAP system, it highlights what a user actually did in the SAP system

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Use Signavio to see who is accessing what - determine what business processes make sense

Use Digital Boardroom to see data in a visual way

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this blog might help:

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