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For many companies, real-time business insights that Big Data technology is offering becomes the main source of information on top of which they build their strategy.  The value that companies get out of Big Data is tremendous, and building an appropriate infrastructure becomes a must to survive in a highly competitive world.

Real-time insights allow organizations, for example, to build better products, predict what future business outcomes might be, detect early data signals or better manage their inventory. The use cases for Big Data are just bounded by our imagination.

It is really important for companies willing to buid a Big Data infrastructure not to jump directly into the architecture discussion. They should invest time upfront to carefully identify what are their business use cases and develop a corresponding strategy to support them. Only then should they start evaluating what the right architecture should be.

SAP Services experts here at #SAPTechEd Amsterdam, suggest a three steps approach:

  1. Build your use cases for Big Data
  2. Build your strategy based on the use cases you first identified
  3. Understand how you can build a Big Data infrastructure to execute on your strategy

To better understand how SAP Services can help along this journey, watch these three videos describing each of the steps.

Build your Big Data Use Cases

Edwin Van Geel is the Global Services Lead for Analytics Innovation Programs. He talks about how Design Thinking is used by companies to define their Big Data and Analytics use cases. He explains what is Design Thinking and how companies are leveraging it.

Build your Big Data Strategy

Muge Yurdaer is the Global Practice Lead for Analytics Strategic Advisory Services. She explains what are the next steps once the use cases have been identified, how to build a Big Data strategy and how a Big Data infrastructure can be designed on top of companies' existing infrastructure.

Build your Big Data Architecture

Now that you have defined your use cases and strategy that you will pursue, it's time to evaluate which architecture you are going to deploy. Markus Tempel, Global lead for Big Data Analytics explains what organizations should consider when building the right architecture and how SAP leverages the Hadoop toolkit to make the most out of your data.

Have you noticed the yellow elephant in the background slide?

Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2005.

Cutting, who was working at Yahoo! at the time, named it after his son's toy elephant.

To get more about SAP's Big Data strategy go here. Read also the latest blog from Markus: "How to get started with Big Data without boiling the ocean"

For more information on SAP Services go here. Join the conversation on SCN and make sure to follow our live reporting from #SAPTechEd on Twitter @SAPServices