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Awesome! Is the word that describes better my experience in TechEd Las Vegas 2017.

My first time in SAP TechEd and my first time in Vegas was really nice, so I decided to share some photos and a few impressions here in the community.

First day was a very long day, after flying from Brazil I did my registration in the TE really quick and got my welcome gifts before the SAP Big Data event.


Nice gifts by the way.


After that I run to the Big Data Event and Bill McDermott was talking about innovation from New York.



After a few sessions about Cloud Platform and SAP Data Hub, I started to work at SAP Mentors Reception.

It was a really nice party with SAP Mentors, community team and some SAP executives to celebrate the 10 years of the program,also meet Latin American mentors and have really nice discussion about the program


Day 2 Awesome start with Star Trek theme keynote from Björn Goerke


Björn also reserved a huge space from the keynote to celebrate the 10th SAP Mentors anniversary singing with SAP Mentors Jam Band, After keynote we were invited to take some pictures in the stage



After the photo session the show-floor opened and we went to SAP Mentors Booth to distribute some kid's t-shirt and lemonade


In the end of the day we have the pleasure to dance with the SAP Mentors Jam Band

DAY 3 - Was another booth day, but with another giveaways and more lemonade


The best pic from capra was toked this day too



DAY 4 - Begun with a delicious breakfast provided by Cisco


And after some good discussions they gave SAP Mentors Drones! Yes! Really cool DRONES!

After the breakfast I presented my networking session about Blue Sky methodology


In the end of the day a very nice party to celebrate the TE

Thanks for reading,

Sorry for the long post 🙂