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I remember the best parties that I have attended. I never wanted them to end! At most parties I met new friends, had new experiences with old friends and never quite finished up the conversations. As the night pushed on until the dawn I just wanted more and more! And then, I had to go home and then there was a big lull. And empty space! Flash ahead to SAP TechEd Las Vegas and this great event will be ending (or has ended if you are reading this after the fact) and those same things are occurring … new friends, new experiences and un-finished conversations.

As I put on my SAP social media hat (I’d put on one of those cool #CanuckHunt shirts if I had one!) I want to give you a few ideas on how you can continue the conversation from your SAP TechEd Las Vegas Experience:

  • Ask an unanswered question tagged with the #SAPTechEd hashtag.

  • Answer a question from someone using the #SAPTechEd hashtag.

  • Write a blog on SCN about your top 3 … insights, questions, things that inspired innovation. Also, pick a TechEd YouTube video or session replay and include that link in your blog. (need help with the blog writing? I have a great slide to send you. Just ask at

  • Create a Google+ hangout and have a face-to-face meeting with that new group of people you have met!

  • Continue To Follow The #SAPTechEd hashtag and join in on the conversation.

  • Follow the speakers that you liked most on Twitter – retweeting them, mentioning their handle and asking them questions.

  • LinkIn with your new friends. And when you do, please write a note in the invitation!

  • Use PhotoTribe (nice meeting you christopher.han ) to share your photo experiences.

  • Pick your top 10 session video replays and send them to a friend or colleague to inspire them to attend SAP TechEd Las Vegas next year!

Do you have any other ideas? Let’s crowdsource this list and make it bigger!

Remember, it’s your choice to let what went on in Vegas not stay in Vegas. Take it to social media and help build the SAP TechEd community, SCN and your own personal network! SAPTechEd-It-Forward!

SPECIAL NOTE: It was a great pleasure providing you gerry.moran! Please let me know if you liked this or any other insight by rating my article … and yes, this request even gets you to activate the gamification feature of SCN!


Director, NA Social Media Marketing

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