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Will I get Job offer @ age 40 after getting my SAP certification

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I have 13 years of experience in core HR generalist & 3 years experience into Manual Application testing, I am into my 40's and now I am planning for SAP Success Factor or SAP HCM certification will it be a good decision ?. Will I get Job offer after certification ?

Experts Please need your opinion on this.

Thanks in Advance


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Being in your 40's is very young these days, and worldwide there is a SAP labor shortage. So no time like the present, in my view, to start learning SAP.

No one can guarantee a job after certification, but I think it helps increase your knowledge.

Also check the free OpenSAP courses on this topic at

I know of someone who started their 2nd career at age 62 and 19 years later, is still doing SAP work.

Good luck