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What is the difference between these two offerings from SAP for learning SF Employee Central?

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SAP Learning Journeys (free until certification):

Course:  Configuring SAP Employee Central Core -

SAP Training (paid): 

Course: THR81, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Core Academy

I'm wondering which one should I subscribe to start my SF EC learning. Both appear similar but one appears free and the other is paid but the paid one is more structured which is good. We all like the free stuff but wanted to make sure I'm not paying for something that's already available free. Also, from my understanding, for the free one, it appears that there is a pre-requisite that you have an Employee central already implemented to leverage the training (we don't have EC but have PM/GM and comp). 

It will be helpful if someone can clarify these. 


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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"Your practice environment for the THR81 course is already configured for use. However, original customer instances require preliminary provisioning setup and configuration. To learn more about the initial configuration tasks, such as Provisioning settings that need to be activated, review the implementation guide on the SAP Help Portal. To see the standard Employee Central Configuration files provided for a customer implementation, visit the Download Center

This is a note for consultants implementing EC in customer environments. They won't be using the config files from the course in actual implementation. They need the full/master versions from the Download Center. 

As a learner, you don't need anything from the Download Center. Every file required for the course exercise is included in the course files. Hope this helps.