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Subscribing a Kyma based Multi tenant app in consumer account fails with :create APIRule error



Hi All,

I'm new to Kyma, BTP and all things cloud. Was trying to implement the above tutorial for a Kyma based multitenant app. The backend and app router are deployed to the cluster successfully. I tried subscribing from a Consumer subaccount, but it fails with following error:
Technical Details:
subscribe failed. Error: subscribe failed in create callback.

 Error description: Timestamp: Fri Feb 03 09:53:47 GMT 2023, correlationId: 8007ab48-fa1b-4d3a-73cc-d67f2a4efe42, Details: Error manage callbacks: Failed to call callback url.....
eventType=CREATE) Reason: returned value from application: 500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, with body: create APIRule error


As the error log contains uuids to subaccounts, I havent pasted the whole log, do let me know what else to add.
While exploring the API Rule resource, I found that the Kyma runtime is enforcing beta1 version, so I tweaked the 'createApiRule.js' to create a v1beta APIRule, but the same error still occurs. Could someone support on this?






module.exports = {
    createApiRule: createApiRule

function createApiRule(svcName, svcPort, host, clusterName) {

    let forwardUrl = host + '.' + clusterName;
    const supportedMethodsList = [
    const access_strategy = {
        path: '/.*',
        methods: supportedMethodsList,
        // mutators: [{
        //     handler: 'header',
        //     config: {
        //         headers: {
        //             "x-forwarded-host": forwardUrl,
        //         }
        //     },
        // }],
        accessStrategies: [{
            handler: 'allow'

    const apiRuleTemplate = {
        apiVersion: '',
        kind: 'APIRule',
        metadata: {
            name: host + '-apirule',
        spec: {
            gateway: 'kyma-gateway.kyma-system.svc.cluster.local',
            host: host,
            service: {                
                name: svcName,
                port: svcPort,
            rules: [access_strategy],
    return apiRuleTemplate;



Why aren't you using .yaml?
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if you're talking about deployment, I've used the yaml files as indicated in

few changes I've done is change some services, which were updated to latest apiVersion. eg:
apiVersion: was giving an error so changed to 

apiVersion: in deployment-services.yaml.

Major change was in createApiRule.js, since kyma dashboard was restricting creation to 
apiVersion: '',
 kind: 'APIRule',
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @George_James 

We are very happy to welcome you to our SAP BTP Learning Group 

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While the topic you addressed  isn't specifically covered here  and since it can hardly be answered without in-depth knowledge, I can point you to an excellent resource to help find an answer to your question.
Please access the
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In your case I recommend to post the question  in our SAP community where you can directly exchange with experienced experts with project Background -  SAP Community is a public space where anyone can start discussions and questions are answered by anyone.

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I hope this helps, and best of luck!