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SAP Soamanager WSDL generates tns:string instead of xsd:string

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Hey Guys,

i don´t now what to do.

I´m using the Soamanager to create a Service for a Enterprise Service Provider. My intention is to consume a soap webservice via android and ksoap2. Actually this works fine with import/export parameter "I" (Integer) in the function module.

But now i´m trying to send/receive a string to/with the webservice. Thats not possible. I´ve taken a look into the generated WSDL-file from Soamanager and because of any reason i dont understand, the soamanager generates the incorrect xsd type for string parameters.  The Import/Export parameter should be of type xsd:string, but it is actually tns:string. but i need xsd:string for ksoap!´

I´ve tried several datatypes in abap, e.g string, char,....but always the same...tns:string instead of xsd:string

I hope someone can help me?! Please!!!


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Hello all,

I've got the same problem. Is there any solution yet?

Best regards,

Christian Schebesta