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SAP Certified Application Professional - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6

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Dear experts,

Before explaining my issue i want to thank all SAP experts that share and help us solving issues, many of my issues were solved thanks to this Forum.

I'm a FI CO SAP consultant and i'm planning to pass SAP certification. I've 4 years  experience: one year as an external auditor and 3 year as FICO consultant (SAP Projects /little support)

I find your posts concerning the sap associate certification and i'm considering that it will be easier for me to pass this exam...i'm looking for more challenge and want to pass the professional certificate but unfortunately, i don't find enough informations concerning this subject:

- Has anyone of you passed this certificate? what about its level?

- I see all the training subjects in AC200, AC201, AC202, CA700, BC407...but i want to prepare SAP certification on my own, do you know any books that prepare for this certificate? or any link that may help me preparing it?

- What are the additional subjects comparing to the associate level? because i analyse both of subject training and i find very few similarities between both subject's certificate:

- If i ask my employer to pay the exam certificate for me (and may be for the subjects too), could this make the certificate depending on the employer? i mean that once i change my employer  i will loose its validity?

Thanks you for your help.


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   The sample questions (on the SAP page you link to) are very valuable. Have you tried them? Also, SAP Press has started putting out 'Certification Guides' for specific exams - I know there is one for the ABAP certification (but I haven't read it).

Overall, I think you are better off going for the Associate exam. I know very few people who have tried the Professional exam, so there is little understanding of exactly how much more challenging it is.

As far as I know the certificate is employer-independent, but that may depend on the country you take the exam in.

cheers & good luck


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Thank you Paul for your help.

concerning SAP press, are you talking about these books?

I guess there is no "certification guide" for financial and accounting certificate...

If you have further informmations about this subject please let me know.

I guess i will start by the associate one for  management accounting (CO) (my controlling experience is not that rich), as my financial level is advanced and as you mentionned a very few people pass the professional one.

Do you know any books  or do you know anyone that has already passed this CO certification exam?

I appreciate your help.



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Actually I do remember some colleagues sitting for this exam a few years ago.

They were nervous but passed no problem. The score you need to pass is typically quite low, around 65% or so.

So if you know your stuff, don't be too worried. Test yourself on the sample questions.

None of us used the certification guides, by the way.