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Possible Options to Trigger an CPI IFlow Manually by End Users

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We are working on a S/4 HANA Public Cloud Implementation Project and we are using SAP CPI as a middleware for Integrations and we have a challenge/requirement where the end users need to trigger an CPI IFlow manually when required, Please suggest possible options/solutions to archive this.

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Hi @former_member134408 ,

if with "End Users" you mean business users, which are using S/4HANA Public Cloud, then it is possible to achieve this with the usage of the Custom Functions of the S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Some time ago I participated in the development of a partner add-on / extension, which did exactly what you asked - in S/4HANA Public Cloud we created a Custom Business Object, which had a button, which triggered an BAdI ODATA call of the Custom Communication Scenario (the URL from the IFlow).
Once you succeed in the setup and make the first successful call, you will find it quite easy to use this. Give it a try!




PS.: Sorry @Margit_Wagner , I just now re-read your answer and only now noticed, that my answer should not have been posted here, but probably only after the question is posted in the SAP Community.
Please let me know if I should remove this answer or if you can, please remove it on your own if you find it inappropriate. Thank you and sorry again!