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Not against Education but IMO Certification is NOT necessary anymore

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Probably against the Spirit of this Forum section but I can categorically state that in over 15 years as a SAP indpendent consultant who'se worked on a myriad of projects and been all over the World I have NEVER EVER been asked for any SAP certification whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong -I'm all in favour of Good Education but in the practical workplace it probably doesn't matter unless you work for one of those poorly paying PERMANENT Burocreatic Government or large organisation jobs where notational qualifications matter more than real "Know How".

In the REAL world of Independent consulting it really doesn't matter whether you gain SAP certification or not. Only if you are possibly TEACHING some very high level courses at say a University level * it could matter* and I only say COULD matter.

In practice if you can demonstrate reasonable knowledge you'll always find a SAP position.



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I agree whole heartedly. I do not have the wealth of experience that you have - coming upto seven years project experience. And I am a qualified chef! I do no have the IT qualifications and I not SAP certified, yet have managed to secure work when needed.

More people seem to be emphasising the need for certification as they lack the project experience and feel it is another door into the SAP world. Alot of people are misguided thinking they will get a well paid job if they get certified, but with out real life project expereince, certification counts for very little.

I am currently working on a 17 country European roll out - you can't buy that experience! - not a particularly nice experience at times

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Dear James,

If you are looking for a job in SAP ( Fresher ) then Certification has an edge

but if you doing independent consulting then it makes no difference at all...

Correct me if i m wrong


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I hereby declare that you have been corrected