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Is there a problem with selling SAP dumps???

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I completed the course spending a very huge amount of money and I have taken huge loans for it. I am in the field now. But to make quick money to seal of the debts, I am going to sell the knowledge I have to other willing people. I know this is not an offence. But will there be any repercussions?

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Hi Shilpa

What do you mean by "SAP dumps"? Do you mean you are going to sell others your own knowledge - .i.e. original content that you produced? Or do you mean you intend to use course material, SAP information, exam questions, etc to others?

If you mean the first then you should be okay as you are really tutoring and training others. However, unless you have become an experienced expert in your field you may not find others willing to invest in unofficial/informal training. Why would someone spend money and not get formal qualification/certificate?

Tutoring them to help master a concept is no different to any other type of tutoring. Not sure on your country, but a secondary consideration is whether this is consider a "job" and you are paid income, therefore, you may need to pay tax/be a company/etc. I'm not a legal expert so can't comment there.

How you approach tutoring a person is another consideration. You should avoid using client SAP installation to demonstrate as you would probably be breaking confidentiality agreements in allowing others access to the systems. In addition, client materials like work instructions belong to the client.

Do you believe you are sufficiently experienced and qualified to train others? Do you think they would pay for it? This questions are not judgements as I have no idea how long you have been working in your field.

If you are referring to trying to do the second - where you want to on-sell your material that you did not produce (meaning not your intellectual property) then you are violating copyright. This is an offence and there would be penalties.

I have noticed that many freshers are investing a lot of money in  SAP formal training and certification and finding no job opportunity at the end of it. You appear fortunate to have secured a position. Be careful what you do so you do not jeopardise it.