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How to find my SAP certificate in my profile

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Hi Everyone!!

Please answer my following questions,

1.If we can link our certificate in our SAP profile (S user)

2. If yes means then how to do that and can it be automatically linked to our profile if we did our certification with same S user Id

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rajtheluck RR,

Generally when you are not certified, you have a P-User for login here in SCN, once certified you would have a S-User for yourself, so in that scenario, in couple of days your P-User details can be alinged with your S-User id. Also, if you have multiple S-User Id received from your work organisations or you have multiple SCN profiles, you can, in that case also link your profiles via below,


Transfer of your Digital Badge is mentioned in below,

Coming to your another question, about your Acclaim Digital Badge(certificate), you can follow the below to add in SCN portal as is mentioned in below,

You can share via other social networking like twitter, linkedin, etc. Please also check the below, SAP certification Digital badge sharing option in below,

Although if you do learning on openSAP platform, then the openSAP Digital badges reflect in your SCN profile here



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