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Hello everyone! I am unable to access the Integration Suite page due to no access.


I am undergoing a Certification from SAP on Integration Suite. I need access to the Integration Suite to complete my tasks. I followed all the required steps but I am unable to proceed to access the Integration Suite application page.

I followed the required steps on the course content but it constantly shows me that I don't have access. I did everything with the correct Please find here a few screenshots.  IS.jpgIS2.jpgIS3.jpgX.jpgX2.jpgRoles and Role Collections. Please help me fix this. I have attached a few screenshots here. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @sanchitahirrao 

We have received your request and are in the process of evaluating the problem,

Please allow for a delay in our response

Kind regards



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Hi, @sanchitahirrao.

Can u solved this issue ? Im practiced for SAP Certification and i get the same problem. 

Thanks for help, regards.

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Hi @sanchitahirrao 

Complementing @Edje answer, according to

I would check

  • be admin subaccount
  • add next role collections, 
    • APIPortal.Administrator
    • APIManagement.Selfservice.Administrator
    • iadv-content-developer
    • OpenConnectors_User

Clear your web browser cache and cookies before navigating to Go to Application.

Hope this helps.