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Developing with SAP Integration Suite - Where is the script collection for download?


In the section "Handling of Errors" (, it looks like there is a mistake.

Task 1 mentions : "You have previously downloaded a zip file named "provided_integration_content" containing a script collection in the lesson "1.3 Set Up your Environment". The script you will use to log errors is part of this collection and has to be added to the CI package you are working with. For the required steps to obtain this file see exercise Generate and Consume Integration Advisor Artifacts. "

There's no mention to download script with the provided integration content anywhere previously in the course. I tried to find everywhere in the Integration Suite but didn't succeed. Was this material adapted from other course and the reference is incorrect? It would be good to review the content and have more clear instructions. Maybe  @eheilmann  might be able to help? SAP Integration Suite 

Thank you

Luis Becker

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @Former Member ,

please see blog post from Markus Haug

Kind regards, Ellen