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Hi BW Gurus,

I'm plannig for bw certification.please give me some suggestions.wat are all the things i've to follow.give me tips how i should prepare my road map for certification.



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Hi Bhaskar,

if you looking for a certification you can take it at the tech-ed if your company is sponsoring. otherwise participating singly, there is a BLOG contest running in SDN on winning you can get participationin Tech-Ed going forward you can take the certification exam.

To start with read the basics of BW chapterwise and run a few hand-on.

SAP Business Intelligence - Data Warehousing TBW10

Overview of the basic concepts and architecture of SAP Business Intelligence

Practical experience and exercises with SAP BI tools, focusing on extracting, transforming, and loading data

Introduction to the functions of the SAP BI Metadata Repository

SAP Business Intelligence - Reporting & Analysis TBW20

Introduction to working with BW Analysis Tools:

- Overview of the basic concepts and OLAP functions of BW reporting

- Working with BW Business Content

- Creating reports with the Query Builder of the Business Explorer Analyzer

Introduction to enhanced features of BW reporting:

- Manage activity groups and integrate documents into the BW architecture

- Exception reporting, Report-Report Interface, Web Reporting

- Using the Reporting Agent

- Introduction to the BEx Map tool for geographical visualization and analysis

- Manage different types of georelevant characteristics and integrate them into queries

Introduction of BW Web Reporting:

- Concepts behind BW Web Reporting

- Maintenance and administration of HTML pages on the Web Application Server

- Working with the Web Application Designer

Course Schedule

SAP Business Intelligence - Data Staging & Extraction TBW30

Participants gain a better understanding of various general extraction mechanisms:

- Overview of different delta mechanisms within the SAP BW when loading data from several sources

- Possibilities offered by generic data extraction

- Implementing individual extraction techniques using function enhancements

Participants gain a better understanding of various extraction mechanisms within the SAP R/3:

- Overview of the basic concepts of SAP R/3 extraction

- Customizing Logistics Extract Structures

- Transferring data from self-defined LIS information structures into the SAP BW

- Transferring CO-PA data from SAP R/3 into the SAP BW

mySAP BI - BW Modeling & Authorization TBW40

Introduction to BW Modeling:

- Requirements Analysis

- Development of a logical data model

- Transfer into a physical data model

- Technical implementation in BW

- Upgrading the data model

- Validation and Review

Introduction to BW Authorization Concepts:

- Security Components in BW

- Securing Reporting Users

- Securing Administration Users

- System Security

i suggest read these contents yourself as well as pratise them. It helps alot.

help and SDN are always there to provide the subject matter details.

Hope this helps

All the best.


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You please check the information under this thread.


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These are the sections that would be tested in the certification exam.

1) Data Modeling --> 8 questions (BW 330 covers these questions)

2) Netweaver - Technical scenarios --> 8 questions (the PPT that i sent would cover this)

3) Authorization --> 4 questions (BW365)

4) Warehouse Management --> 20 questions (BW310)

5) Extraction --> 12 questions (BW340, 350)

6) Reporting --> 20 questions (BW305, 315)

7) BPS --> 8 questions (BW370 or TBW45)

I started my preparation exactly 4 weeks before the exam. I practiced for about 10 days on the system.

I studied 8-10 hours per day and finished my first study just 9 days before the exam.

Then it took for about 7 days for the first revision and I made a second revision in 2 days.

Here is the order of the books that i suggest you to study (if you are planning to take the exam):

1) BW310 (Don't study Archiving i.e, 11th chapter)

2) BW340 (Don't study ETL with Datastage and Open Hub service -- not required for certification exam)

3) BW330 (All chapters are required)

4) BW350 (FI-SL and CRM not required for the certification exam)

5) BW305 (All chapters are required.. don't neglect CSS part, MIME repository... though they are quite boring..I studied them...and i got 2 to 3 questions from them)

6) BW315 (All chapters are required)

7) BW365 (All chapters are required)

😎 BW370 (15 chapters would be enough..concentrate more on first 11 chapters..I got 8 questions from the first 11 chapters and 13th chapter .. web interface builder)

I suggest you not to buy any certification exam's waste of money. I bought 2 books...and i never opened them as someone suggested in the forums that the questions would come from the SAP offficial training material..I concentrated revising them 2 times rather than taking any practice tests...and in fact, I did not take any practice test also..



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Where can I can get these books? It seems that, these are the training materials provided in SAP training.

Thank you.