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How is the certification valuation. Any negative marks will be there. If one question is having 3 answers, I have put 1 right and 1 wrong then how many marks i can get? Pl give the suggestions to follow the answers in exam. Pl send any simulation files for pp exam.

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There are no negative marks in certification exam.

All true answers, if u select as true: u will get score and also

all false answers, if u select as false also u will get score.

any cross selection will not get score.



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I'll try to clear your doubt by giving an e.g.Let Q1 carries 3 marks.

Q1) What is SAP?

option 1. ERP

option 2. Operating system

option3. Software Application & Products in Data Processing.

As you know each option carries 1 mark.

In this case option 1 & option 3 are correct.

So if you put tick mark against all 3 options you'll get 2 marks!!!


Option 1 is true: so you get 1 mark for that

option 3 is true: so you get 1 mark for that.

option 2 is wrong: so you don't get any marks for that.

You could have got 3 out of 3 only if you had ticked the correct options .

Hope this clears your doubt.