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Cannot select destination for live data run configuration

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I have an issue in the step "Previewing Your Application" of the learning journey "Developing Full-Stack Applications Using Productivity Tools in SAP Business Application Studio".

In the step to create a run configuration using live data from an external service, I can not select the destination I've created earlier.


In the step where I added the external service, the destination is visible.


Any suggestions what I could have missed in a previous step or is this an outdated instruction in the learning journey?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @rsham_ososoft 
our SAP experts analyzed your case.

In the exercise on "Consuming an External Service from SAP S/4HANA", there is a "Task 4: Configure an SAP Business Accelerator Hub Destination". This was either not done or not done correctly. 
Please check from your side if the task was performed at all.
If so, it would be great if we could get a screenshot.
That way, we can more easily what went wrong and provide a solution.
Thanks and best regards

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Hi @Margit_Wagner,

thank you for your reply.

I've followed all the steps of the tutorial, and double-checked before posting my question.

Yes, I've created said destination and was able to use it to add the external service in the following steps.


However, the issue remains, that the destination is not available in the run configuration editor.

On a side note: While completing later steps of the tutorial, I noticed other inconsistencies which suggest functionality of BAS has been changed, for example the CI/CD integration cannot be used from within BAS, although the CD/CI service is available, and I can configure jobs in the standard app.

CI/CD not functional in BASCI/CD not functional in BAS


Standard CI/CD App in BTPStandard CI/CD App in BTP