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1 year experience in NetWeaver installations- Whats next ?? help needed..!

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Hi Gurus,

Iam a BE graduate(electronics) and have been working in a small company basically doing plain installation of Netweaver ,XI, ECC systems installations will little configurations.

I feel there is no much future in this domain.

I want to switch team or take other roles to help me reach my goal of becoming a <b>Funtional Consultant</b><u></u>..

If I am given a role of <b>funtional tester </b>will it be okay to take this role.. or a role in <b>support</b> will help me reach the goal.

Please help me in this regard.!!

PS: replies will be appreciated and rewarded...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You don't think there is a future in Basis?!

Remember, every single consultant (regardless of role) needs an SAP system to work on. Out of all the roles in a SAP related project/support environment basis is probably the most stable.

It sounds like yuo may need to get involved in more challenging installations and more of the wider work environment of basis, not just installing systems. If I were you, I'd stick with basis instead of moving to functional and try to improve and increase your exposure to other basis tasks.


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Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the sincere reply..!! Iam grateful to that..

But I have a feeling that with the rising of Netweaver , technologies like visual composer it has reduced the role of basis consultants.. and in a long run guys with strong functional knowledge will be able to configure, modify and develop the applications at ease..

SAP labs is focusing a lot on achieving the above goal with introducing SOA architecture and other tool which enable to implement business logic without hard coding or changing the codes which technical consultants currently do..?

<b>Also, I have a very strong belief that functional consultants grow and build there business knowledge increasing their value as they gain experience. but technology become obsolete</b> <b>when a new technology arrives!! And one has to unlearn and learn from scratch..


Also I am planning to enroll for MBA after 2 years.. hence I feel it would be better for me to move towards functional side..!!

I would be very thankful.. if you could put more light on this..

best regards


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I agree with what you say about new technologies coming along but they will all need basis input to get them up and running. Visual Composer isn't all it is cracked up to be (in my opinion) but that's a separate issue...

Whilst I'm sure the E-SOA achitecture will enable functional people to implement some business logic I still believe there will be a large requirement for technical people - functional people will only be able to build fancy xApps based on underlying services which will still need to be built by a developer, on a system installed and configured by a basis person. They won't be able to magic functionality up out of thin air!

You're right that functional people have more exposure to business processes (development people do as well in my personal opinion - in 10 years I've worked as an ABAP developer, PP/MM functional consultant and more recently Web development (portals, Web dynpro, etc.) and all along I've gained wide business process experience with the benefit that I've worked in most of SAP's modules not just 1 or 2.) I've kept up with most of SAPs new technologies but never had to unlearn anything - in fact most technologies serve as good foundations for newer solutions. The trick is to keep learning!

The key thing here for you is possibly your MBA desires - I'd say this leads more to you moving towards functional work as you will no doubt gain more relevant experience that will help your goals.

My experiences have taught me a really good consultant has a good understanding of numerous areas of SAP and technical knowledge is always useful on a project regardless of the functionality being implemented.

Hope this helps


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You sound like a handy person to know

I started off implementing S&D, moved to FI, did some SRM and workflow, moved onto BASIS and now am an XI Consultant. Only been doing SAP for 7 years...

I don't really know ABAP or JAVA well, but my strong functional and BASIS skills help in different ways.... Finally found what I enjoy with SAP, although I am tempted to look into Enterprise Portals a bit.

I agree that everything is evolving at a formidable rate, but you don't forget what you have learnt, and you call on previous experience without really thinking to hard!

Deciding what you enjoy may take a while, but it's a big pool to dive into!

As long as you enjoy what you do, it doesn't matter!

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lol - I wish my managers though so!

Enterprise Portals is ok... Not much of a challenge in itself but with Java and ABAP it can be quite interesting. I'm currently stuck working a lot with CRM which is ok but I'm trying to build more CAF and E-SOA knowledge. So far I'm not seeing anything new in the ways of technology, just a shift in methodology and design (which is a good thing.) XI is something I'm yet to play with - my colleagues tell me its good but I can't get excited about moving data around. I much prefer to display it on a screen!

You've hit the nail on the head Barry, if you enjoy it thats all that matters. I wondered if I was mad going back from PP/MM to development years ago but it was the best move I've made. Thats probably the best advice we can give!


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Hi Gareth,hello Neaves

Sorry for the delay in the reply..

Was caught in a piles of work..

Am fortunate to have your valuable reply..:) Am thankful for that..

I agree with you guys, persue a career which you are very much interested in.. but the my dilema is that i have not yet found one.. 😔 this is because i have not got much oppurtunities to explore the SAP ocean.. and <b>I have been swinmming in very shallow waters..</b>

i have my review with my manager tommorow , will speak to him about by interests, hope he will help me..

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Three Cheers!!


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Either a functional Tester or a Support role will give you a good understanding of the capabilities but this is only relevant to a single company.

However you will need to get several different implementations under your belt before coming a Functional Consultant as different clients use different configuration and they can vastly different.

Have you decided what area you would wish to specialise in? S&D/MM/FI/HR/PM

However, you could have stuck with the Basis side of things if you prefer a Technical Consultant Role - as you already have experience of this!

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Hi Neaves,

Thanks a lot for the advice.!!!

I am a Electronics garduate , hence can grasp technical stuff pretty easily( Even though no hand on Java/ABAP..

I feel in the future , technofunctional guys would have a bright I have mentioned in the reply to Gareth..( below)

SAP labs developing product/toll which is focussing on 80:20 combination i,e

<b>80: Business processes


By stressing on SOA technology.. I have mentioned in the reply to Gareth..( below)

<b>The Functional testing role has more of business process/flow testing with no exposure to Code..

But where as for the support role its techno-funtional : both the business flow/process and debugging by editing the ABAP/Java code</b>..

What is your opinion about this. as you are into consulting world..

Once again thanks for the help...:)

Best Regards