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15 dicembre 2014, incontro Scuola-Impresa

The event was organized by the local government agencies in cooperation with the local industrial association.

The aim of the day was to remark the importance of the technical high schools as primary source of skills for the local industry and to promote cooperation among companies, schools and universities.

The Bologna-Emilia Romagna is one of the most vibrant industrial districts in Italy.  It is punctuated by small to mid-size enterprises, representing the best of Made in Italy. Names as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Carpigiani, Marazzi are well known everywhere, but they are just the tip of the iceberg formed by thousands of companies with special vocation for high-end products and export. In the last few years the crisis has taken its toll on the local economy and the territory needs shaping up to keep pace with the most competitive districts in Europe.

I was invited to a workshop with diversified people:

All the subjects have in common a strong objective as to social responsibility.


How can those diverse entities cooperate in a common project?

Wayel need a special new gear to improve bike efficiency: VARVEL is the right partner for this.

To work properly together battery, electric motor, gears need a sophisticated control system: CEDAC is ready to design and supply it.

To understand and help in the best way to reduce the environmental impact of the products during the entire life cycle, CIRI is the right specialist.

To develop and host applications for a smart use of the bikes, SAP is the right supplier of technology and platform.

The schools are very keen to involve their student in the project: chemistry students are interested in the battery technology, mechanic students in the gears, electrical students in the control system, IT students in the applications and many more in economy and impact on the ecosystem.

The idea is there, and we should work on the following steps. Possibly, we should organize design thinking sessions in schools, to better define the scope of the project and involve the students.

As SAP UA we can offer support to the design thinking sessions and later support the use of SAP HANA Cloud Platform to develop the applications.

This kind of initiatives could come on top of our plan to make available ERP4School program for the Italian high schools.  ISIS Archimede can’t wait to be the first adopter of the program in Italy.

Here some testimonies of the event.