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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Over the last 2 weeks SAP Education experts hosted a live virtual webcast series on how to build learning content that connects generations.

We covered a variety of topics in this session including:

      • Inherent changes in applications and the forthcoming knowledge gaps
  • Tools to help increase knowledge and enablement for the entire workforce, including business and IT
  • SAP Workforce Performance Builder features such as 360° landscape coverage, content lifetime management, social & mobile learning, and workforce experience & performance

Please find here on-demand resources including the slidedeck , the replays and Q&A (see below)

Session 1 / April 30, 1 PM SGT

Session 2 / April 30, 1 PM EST

Session 3 / May 7, 2 PM CET

What would be the time range for each of the first to phases considering a roll out of a SAP for approx. 5000+35000 users, considering the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve?This is a great question. By providing a sustainable knowledge approach by combining classroom, distance learning and context-sensitive performance support you will receive best results. Typically directly after classroom sessions, you should have the elearning materials in place for later reference and continuous learning, and by offering pull or push performance support in-context as of day 1 of the rollout or other change event, all workforce can access knowledge when ever needed. Because for such a big target group classroom trainings are very expensive, you would typically do less days in class, and add more context-sensitive in-process/in-context materials to compensate less classroom days.
In SAP HCM there is a tool known as SAP Authoring Environment which links with SAP Learning solution. Is my understanding correct that this is a tool similar like SAP Authoring environment which is used to create contents ?SAP Authoring Environment does not provide a similar feature set like SAP Workforce Performance Builder. It's rather used to assemble content created with tools like WPB and then provide as courses in LSO.
What are the systems that can be integrated to WPB other than solution manager?There are interfaces with Symbio, Aris, Nimbus, ViFlow, and of course and other format could be used for embedding or part of a book page in case you would use screenshots from that format.
Is Workforce Performance Builder available for SAP Business ByDesign, and completely integrated ?Yes, SAP Business ByDesign can be used with Workforce Performance Builder. There is no real integration though since WPB is loosely coupled with all applications to ease deployment.
I found manuals for Producer & Manager, but not for Navigator. Is there one planned?Since the navigator only is the player of navigation content created with producer, you would find the information in the producer manual. For navigator only an installation guide exists. You can find all technical assets here:
Where do you suggest we can get more information about WPB?For general information you should look at
Is it subset of success factor?No, WPB is not a subset of Success Factors, it is a standalone solution
What is the application lifecycle management for Prodpak? i.e. how long do organisations have until we have to upgrade to WPB?You don't have to upgrade to WPB. There is no end date set for SPP support yet.
Is it capable of capturing feedback and analyzing it later on?Yes you can enter feedback into a form (e.g. for QA of content, or learner feedback). The feedback form can be opened while the content is played back and will automatically note the step where someone provided feedback. The form can also be forced to appear at the end of a lesson for mandatory feedback.
Integration testing often has limited targeted scope - User testing usually has far wider scope.Agreed. User acceptance testing is also main focus within WPB.
How is confidentiality of the information maintained ?There are several security principles in place to protect data; i.e. DB encryption, HTTPS/SSL communication, manual (batch) masking within screenshots, etc. and we are not storing any live user data.
Is this feature bundle in SAPWPB is a standalone solution.
is this an add on module to SAPNo, WPB is a standalone solution.
Does WPB capture mobile device applications (e.g. applications on iPad, iPhone)?WPB would use screenshots made on mobile devices which can easily be imported and augmented with work instructions. On the other hand you could capture processes within an emulator to create content.
Also does end user access area support Chrome?Officially we support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. But though Chrome is not on the list yet - we use it internally without any issues.