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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hear how your peers in industries like automotive and IT consulting brought more value to their business by examining the user experience.

On Tuesday Dec 2 we hosted a webcast featuring product evangelist at Knoa Software, Jesse Bernal. Jesse talked specifically about the importance of user experience data and how it can be the key to making the shift from feelings and perceptions to data driven decisions.

Jesse helped answer some key user experience questions with analytics based on case studies from business professionals, such as

- do you know if your end users are adopting your new custom process?

- what areas do you need to train your team?

- how can you create a quicker process to increase customer satisfaction?

- are you using your SAP investments to its fullest?

In case you missed the live webcast, you can access the on-demand session, plus view the slide deck.

Additional Resources

- Webinar: User Experience Management: From Feelings & Perceptions to Data-Driven Decisions

- Video: Measure the performance of all users, all the time