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Would you want an uncertified teacher in the classroom educating our youth? Although an uncertified teacher may be effective and knowledgeable, without a certification, that teacher may be perceived as being educated below traditional standards, or may actually lack some of the key knowledge that certified teachers have absorbed and can bring to the classroom.

Most educational institutes require different types of teaching certifications as a way to ensure that those hired are skilled and prepared to perform their best, and other industries are following suit and require similar certifications to ensure that their professionals are up-to-date on the latest and educated so they can be more productive. Requiring certifications also encourage customers perceive certified professionals as more knowledgeable and can put them at ease when evaluating credentials.

Obtaining an SAP Certification can serve as a differentiator and it shows when evaluating perception. From a study conducted by Prometric in February 2013, 76 percent of certified IT professionals stated that they were confident in their ability to implement IT systems on budget and on time, compared with the only 67 percent of noncertified IT professionals who felt the same way.

With the emphasis on training and certifications, more companies are seeing the value in the certification and understanding how it can make a positive impact, and the numbers easily demonstrates this shift in mindset. In 2011, there were 28,1000 professionals who were SAP-certified, but that number has skyrocketed to 350,000 SAP-certified people globally in 2013.

Certification can also provide tangible benefits to companies opting to have their IT professionals certified, which includes:

  • Lower Risk – When IT people are certified, they mitigate risk by completing more products on time and within budget.
  • Increase Adoption – When IT people are certified, they understand the software inside and out, which leads to higher user acceptance.
  • Instilled Confidence – When IT people are certified, there is a clear measure of technical capabilities, which provides the conference to take on new technology challenges.

To learn more about certification, check out the Driving Value and Performance with Certification from SAP infographic, and/or call an SAP training representative or visit the training site online.