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Hello everybody, I have decided to write this short document, because I replied couple of times in threads asking where and how to start learning SAP. And it really bores me to write it again and again, because people are still asking almost the same. Lets say it is something like a signpost where you have all the links to useful learning tools.

I am working as SAP Basis Administrator only for one year. In the very beginning I had to learn myself and later my employer paid some official course for me. But I am still trying to learn myself and especially for free. Lets go to the details now. I will try to structure it as much as possible.

SAP Community Network - SCN                             


I think I do not have to introduce SCN much, because if you are here and reading this, you already know it. In my opinion the           best way to learn is reading threads, documents and blogs, follow spaces you are interested in, after some time answer to           some basic issues for which you know solution, later start writting your own documents and blog posts. That is exactly how I           progressed here.

SAP Learning Hub

Link: Training and Certification Shop

Pretty good tool for online learning, which has Discovery edition free           of charge. Firstly, you have to enroll and wait until access is given           (Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation).           Then just browse and choose free course of your interest           (SAP Learning Hub Free Courses Overview) and learn as much           as you can. I found it very interesting and helpful. Now I am thinking           about to buy full access.


Link: openSAP | Enterprise MOOCs: Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device!

Free online courses held by SAP employees. I found very interesting and actual           topics, which not always coincide with my job, but always they helped me to see and           learn something new. In additon, if you pass the course and fulfill some requirements,           official SAP confirmation of participation or record of achievement is given to you.

E-Learning on SCN

Link: E-Learning Available on SCN

Free tutorials on SCN of various topics. Check the list, I think it doesn't need more description.


Here are just some more links, which I found interesting and learned me something:

How to install SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP03 Trial – Ready for ABAP in Ecplipse (A...

I will try to adjust this document time by time, when I find anything interesting. If you have some more ideas, leave comment below. Thanks for reading.