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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
What the hack?  

In today’s fast-paced, complex & dynamic world we all need to constantly learn new skills, behaviors, and even sometimes change our mindsets & behavior routines. There are many buzzwords flying around like agile-learning or microlearning which propose solutions. But what are real tips to stay up-to date and keep on learning – being motivated, doing the right things, getting the right sources and investing your time best? We take “workhacks” as a metaphor. Workhacks are small rules or methods, which improve work, collaboration and challenge rigid routines. So we  would like to foster the exchange in the SAP community around helpful, smart learning tips – or “learn hacks”.

Examples of Learn Hacks

  • Learn hacks can be new approaches – like leveraging a canvas & agile workshop techniques to design your teams’ learning journey, instead of delivering/doing lengthy training needs analysis surveys. Please see example below

  • A learn hack can be the leveraging of other sources & tools. Instead of learning new SAP applications by trial & error you could subscribe to an edition of SAP Learning Hub. There you can learn when you need it via e-learning, ask questions in trainer moderated communities or learn via cloud-based training systems. For further reference you can register for a SAP Learning Hub demo in German or English .

  • Another learn hack is to use other tools & new approaches for content development. In many SAP projects documentation and learning material is still created manually with word or other simple tools. A smarter, more efficient and scalable way to create learning & documentation content is SAP Enable Now - you can check out a Demo here.

  • However, learn hacks can be also pretty small and simple tips, like: Reserve time in your calendar , book a silent space to invest in learning, or try out something new.


Your Learning Hacker Mission: to get the Learn Hack Badge

To earn the badge in this mission please share your tips or hacks to learn smarter and better. Simply do that by posting your LearnHack below in the comments. Our Learning experts will review those and we will issue the badges on a weekly basis.

Please note: The mission ended December 19th. However there are many insightful comments below from more than 50 SAP Community members. Check them out and keep adding comments if you like.