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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

It was a busy weekend. Traveling back home from Berlin. Quickly unpacking, doing the laundry and checking in for my flight to London. I would loved to have an Tardis right now! With the Tardis I could have traveled in a few incomplete time loops to get things done in parallel.

... traveled in a few incomplete time loops to get things done in parallel ...

... incomplete time loops to get things done in parallel ...

... incomplete time loops ...

... done in parallel ...

... parallel ...

... done in parallel ...

... incomplete time loops ...

... incomplete time loops to get things done in parallel ...

... traveled in a few incomplete time loops to get things done in parallel ...

It's so easy to get your suitcase packed quickly in a few time loops :smile:

The flight to London was smooth. We left Schiphol with a clear sky during the sunset. A deep orange glow from start to landing. Beautiful!! The SAP UK building is very close to London Heathrow Airport and the hotel were I stayed. This time I couldn't walk the distance between hotel and SAP UK. The nearest hotel was still a 10 minutes drive. Luckily the hotel had a shuttle service to SAP.

! Note for future SAP HANA Trainers .... Don't forget your Universal World Plug All-in-one Travel AC Power Adapter. A.K.A. Sonic Screwdriver for SAP HANA Trainers

Luckily the hotel also just ran out of adapters, so with 75% battery life and so I have to come up with a plan. Switching the laptop power usage schema to "Extreme Low Power Consumption". That gained me an hour. With this I could do all the preparation on the servers so that the WNLHD7 will start with no glitches.

When I arrived at the SAP UK building I was impressed. A huge building and SAP Education has it's own private entrance.

At SAP Education UK I met almost all my UK colleagues from the CoEE. That was nice, because placing face to the voices in a virtual team is always good.

Even with the busy traffic around London and Heathrow all 10 participants were on time. During the introduction round I had participants from customers, two hardware partners and two software partners. One participant worked for an company were I trained their full IT in SAP HANA last year. Back then I was told that a few colleagues stayed behind to look after the SAP systems. Now Stan was allowed to go the SAP HANA course and the whole team had to stay behind to look after the SAP systems.

During the first day we cleared all the theoretical lecturers and after lunch we started the SAP HANA single host installations. All the participants finished their first HANA installation successful. After the coffee break we started the setup preparations for the SAP HANA Scale-Out installations. Around 5:00 PM we were almost done with these installations. From the feedback I understood that everyone was very impressed by the easy to use graphical installer.

For the second day we had patching on the schedule. The SAP HANA system were patched to revision 72. Also the SAP HANA Studio was patched using the update website technique. During all this hands-on we also had time to have a good look at the theoretical lecturers. All this knowledge is needed for the C_HANATEC131 certification attached to this workshop.

On the third and last day we worked through the topics on Backup and Restore, High Availability and Disaster Recovery. These are always very interesting topics as they are not only on SAP HANA but also the whole infrastructure in the different data centers.

One of the exercises is setting up SAP HANA System replication between two systems. This demo is normally a walk in the park, but this time I had a nice challenge for myself. I had two systems with the same SID and instance ID, but with different patch levels. This should work, but I never tried this before. The participants challenged me that I would like this challenge. And of course I do like living on the bleeding edge so I took the challenge.

So I setup SAP HANA System replication from a system with rev70 to with rev72. And it worked without any problem. I didn't expect it to fail, because this setup was almost the same as the Zero Downtime Maintenance scenario introduced in SPS07. Using the SAP HANA Studio I managed to setup the System Replication and performing a take over in a few minutes. One participant was extremely impressed because he had been working on this over the last few weeks and then I show him how to do it in just a few minutes.

In the afternoon the group was ready for the certification. Because it's becoming an tradition we first made group photo. So here you see the British delegation of SAP HANA Guru's.

to all who passed           Congratulations!!!         

When writing this blog and looking at the photo I noticed something strange!! Looks like we have our aliens in the picture :smile:

You were are super group. Good question and discussion on SAP HANA and the surrounding areas. It's always the interaction between the participants and the instructor that makes a course so interesting. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the great class.

I traveled home with my interstellar suitcase (yes I'm really happy with it).

Next week I will be teaching again at SAP NL. Exited to see all the NL colleagues again after three weeks on the road. It feels like returning home after the summer holidays or "Urlaub" as I learned from stefan.fell during my stay in Berlin. Even the weather was great during all the trips.

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The rest will follow in the next few weeks.

Happy HANA,