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According to the 70:20:10 learning model, people typically learn 10% through formal learning, 20% through other people, and 70% through experience and practice. 50% of what we learn in formal training we will forget within one hour unless we practice and apply our knowledge. That is why social learning has recently received a lot of attention as a means of bridging the gap from formal learning to informal and on the job learning. Social learning can provide opportunities to access learning content anytime, anywhere and more importantly access to trainers and experts to engage with and ask questions relating to specific learning questions. (Check out the blog: Learning, and how to close the 70:20:10 divide from arnoldpettersen-jung to learn more.)

With 60,000 external subscribers, and 1,000 new subscribers per week, the SAP Learning Hub is the world’s largest and fastest growing cloud based learning solution. For a single annual subscription fee, you can have full, immediate, and worldwide access to the latest training materials for all SAP Solutions anytime, anywhere and always up to date.  In addition, learning rooms from SAP Learning Hub are the unique interactive, online social media groups where you can ask questions of a knowledgeable SAP instructor, collaborate and network with fellow learners, work on challenging assignments, and review exercises – right at your desk. Learning Rooms are exactly the social learning platform designed for those busy consultants, key users or project team members to engage with our experienced instructors by asking questions or receiving support to achieve their learning objectives.

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• Guide you through a learning room, explaining how it can be used to deepen knowledge and study for certification.

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