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Users are the ones sitting in the driver’s seat of enterprise applications’ ROI. They hold the steering wheel and are in charge of driving productivity depending on how they execute their processes in the enterprise’s applications: making a left or right turn, driving fast or slow, anticipatory or reactive, compliant or non-compliant with the rules, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an enterprise application navigation system which guides users in-process and in-context, much as they’re used to having in their cars? And shouldn’t these users have not just a “driver’s license”, but the ability to develop their skills and experience so they can drive solutions efficiently and error-free at maximum performance? Wouldn’t it be ideal to ensure that if an organization loses an experienced driver, all their experience and performance is not lost when they leave? And on top of that, what if an efficient and effective solution was at hand to help get a new “driver” up to speed quickly on SAP solutions?

With SAP Workforce Performance Builder, SAP Education delivers a state of the art solution that allows organizations to provide the ‘driver’s license’ to their user community and support them in achieving the highest levels of adoption and performance on their entire journey. SAP Workforce Performance Builder’s Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) capabilities place it squarely in the area of micro-learning or just-in-time learning; the EPSS functionality provided by the Navigator component within SAP Workforce Performance Builder supports users in real-time and allows advanced, context-sensitive (in-application) “process guidance”, “content delivery”, and “compliance management”.

New Videos from IDC and IDG Analysts

SAP Education introduced SAP Workforce Performance Builder to the market because our customers were increasingly in need of such a solution. We believe in its effectiveness and we are keeping a close eye on trends in corporate learning tools and practices. Two leading education industry analysts are also proponents of end-user enablement, and they have shared their views in a set of new videos which provide insights on key ingredients and trends with eContent Authoring Solutions and EPSS.

In the first video, Cushing Anderson, VP of IT Education and Certification Research at IDC, discusses how advanced EPSS can help companies to achieve high and sustainable levels of user performance to reap maximum ROI on their business systems.

In this video, Stan Gibson, Senior Managing Editor of IDG Enterprise Custom Solutions Group, explains how the ease of content development, delivery, localization and maintenance are key ingredients for effective and efficient user enablement, which in turn is the key ingredient for achieving high user performance and adoption more quickly and in a sustainable way.

For more information, please see the following SAP Workforce Performance Builder resources: