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     Exciting things are on their way, the SAP Mobile App Challenge is just around the corner! This 32 hour, overnight event is a unique opportunity for students to use the latest and greatest technologies from SAP to create a functioning app to solve real-life business problems. This event will be taking place on August 11-12 in Walldorf and the winning team will be awarded a ticket to TechEd in Barcelona, where they will compete in another InnoJam against the winners of other SAP InnoJams and even professional teams.

     This event is unique among all of the other SAP hosted InnoJams because it is part of a larger competition, which includes not only students, but also industry start-ups, and even teams of SAP employees. Naturally, each participant category will be judged independantly of the other two, however the synergy of all three groups working to create an app to better the workplace will certainly result in next level innovation and creativity. It will be especially interesting to see how each group approaches the same same challenge so differently, due to their particular experiences, perspectives, and talents.

     If you've been watching our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds through any of the other InnoJaams this year, then you already know how fun these overnight coding challeges can be! This event will follow largely in the same format, in which a real-life busines problem will be presented to the students and the students will then spend the next few hours designing their app on paper. Next, the students will have a tutorial session with some of SAP's field experts on how to use the newest technology from SAP, such as SAP HANA, to create their apps. After that, the real fun begins and students will begin to code their programs and continue through the night, often with little to no sleep, to finish their creations by the time of the judging the next day.

     Registration is open from now until July 24, so there's no time to lose in getting your application in so that you don't miss out on this awesome opportunity. How to apply can be found on the event's website:

     See you there!