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University Alliances (UA) Research spotlights PhD student/research assistant, Matthias Splieth from Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU).

The goal of this series is largely consistent with the goal of the UA Spotlight Series, to exchange insights with UA professors, students, researchers and others linked to Universities from around the world. Here we focus on researchers and their experience


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I studied Business Informatics at the University of Magdeburg. Currently, I am working as research assistant at the Center for Very Large Business Informatics (CVLBA) that belongs to the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Magdeburg. My research interests comprise Domain-Specific Languages (programming languages that are tailored towards a specific application area), Infrastructure Management and –automation, Modeling and Simulation.

Share a bit about your SAP and UA Research background. How long have you been studying SAP-related topics? How long have you been active with UA Research?

My first contact with SAP was in 2007 during my studies at the University of Magdeburg. I have been active in UA Research since 2011 when I joined the CVLBA in Magdeburg. One of the great advantages in this project is our collaborative work with the SAP UCC that gives me the opportunity to do SAP-related research and to work with SAP-experts.

Tell us about your current research projects. What projects are you working on? What do you hope or expect to find out through your research projects? Has your understanding of SAP and the marketplace grown through the experiences related to your project?

My current research is about distributing load within IT-System-Landscapes. While there are several optimization goals, my research is currently mainly energy efficient operation of data centers that are hosting IT-System-Landscapes. This is due mainly to the price development of the energy market: Energy costs are constantly increasing – a trend that will continue in the next years. But while costs increase, the Quality of Service needs at least to remain the same. Therefore, an interruption of the operation to test new methods for load distribution is not possible. This is why a framework is needed which enables the examination of the influence of load distribution approaches on a IT-System-Landscape – especially regarding energy efficient operation.

What do you like most about the University Alliances Community on the new Jive platform? How does this help/improve your SAP knowledge?

I really appreciate the new design. It makes it much more easier to find and access interesting content.

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