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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The System Engineering  and Computation School of Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) has been conducting and applied three applied research projects how to enhance the implementation and best practice strategies and tools in companies which use SAP Retail in Peru.

Six students of Information Systems Engineering have developed research as part of Capstone Projects course for the Academic Degree of Engineering such as:

Project 1: SAP HANA Business Object Model Implementation for decision making in a retail Peruvian company  (Topy Top S.A)

Students Jazel Jara and Elena Peñin used In-Memory Technology proposing a technology model for the Business Object Model implementation in the information processing of Big Data. As students put it, “We are proposing a technological model of an SAP HANA implementation that will help retail
businesses to obtain information in real time, it will cover all reporting requirements at the required level and will allow access to big volumes of data, as the technology being offered is from the latest generation. By having timely information, the historical data will be efficiently analyzed and, therefore, right decisions will be taken. Although this model was elaborated based on a Peruvian retail company, it also can be applied on enterprises from other industries, as the model was proposed from the business intelligence point of view”.

Project 2: Design Thinking methodology for continuous process improvement in Peruvian retail company (Topy Top S.A)

Students Midori Sánchez and Almendra Huapaya proposed and implemented a framework that can facilitate the process of continuous improvement by applying the Design Thinking methodology in a specific area based on the standard PMBOK. “This project was inspired by the difficulties that exist in the improvement cycle in retail companies. The objective of the project is to propose a framework and a set of tools that can help an organization apply Design
Thinking for continuous improvement and can, therefore, help to achieve the business goals. In order to present this framework, we studied methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean and the differences with Design Thinking. We also studied the different tools presented by organizations that apply Design Thinking such as SAP, Ideo and Standford. Then, we designed the framework and toolkit with the information obtained in the investigation phase, and finally, we applied the framework in a Peruvian retail company to validate the feasibility of our proposal.”

Project 3: Evaluation of implementation methodologies of projects with SAP CRM for rapid-development solution of the mentioned Peruvian retail company (Topy Top S.A)

Miguel Acevedo and Renzo Ríos developed a comprehensive research about SAP RDS methodology in comparison with the SAP standard methodology to develop and implement the SAP CRM project in the Peruvian companies.

The students said that: “Our project seeks to show the advantages of the methodologies against RDS SAP ASAP methodology for rapid deployment solutions. This will be accomplished by expansion by a system based on two proposals for implementation of the SAP CRM solution for a retail company benchmarking. The impact that our proposal will have on the business will be positive, since, due to the analysis developed on SAP RDS solutions and both methods, you can check what type of solution (SAP CRM or SAP CRM RDS) and under what methodology will be most suitable for the type of business. All this is based on the basic needs of the business and how big is the scope of the business need. Additionally, our proposal will be positive on the company under study, because we have analyzed what are the business functions that will really satisfy customer needs. Also, the company may be based on our proposed implementation and benchmarking for decision-making at the time an IT Manager wants to implement the CRM solution.”

In Peru, retail companies have presented a growth of around 5% in the first semester of 2014. Because of this, there are more retail companies with the
desire to increase their participation in the Peruvian market. It is not easy for a company to identify their competitive advantages and to integrate their
processes and technologies with their business objectives and goals.  

There are different strategies a company can use to improve their businesses; one of this is continuous improvement. However, the continuous improvement cycle can be difficult to apply is there is no guideline that can help you use a methodology and use a set of tools. Also, there might different methodologies
for continuous improvement but the existing ones don’t take into consideration the importance of the user participation in the improvement cycle.

Juan Valdivia Cárdenas, Corporate Manager of Information Technology Topy Top S.A. said that “The growth of the company has made new professionals have come up with modern and innovative ideas, demanding to be commensurate with tools that manage other enterprises”

"Since 2014, we have encouraged these projects for our students who have shown that their training has achieved satisfaction in the labor and have been able to increase its line of career for experience with SAP UA preparing them to be more competitive and have a business vision that can meet current and future demand.", as Jimmy Armas, Coordinator of Information Systems Engineering, puts it.

Left to right: Students Renzo Rios, Midori Hilario, Ruby Jara, Prof. Jimmy Armas, Elena Peñin, Almendra Huapaya and Miguel Acevedo.