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On the evening of April 15 we held the Faculty Day in  Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the FIAP University. About forty participants, including lecturers and a couple of students.

The event started at 19:00 h and ended at 22:00 h. Some colleagues from SAP Brazil  presented in our Faculty Day, as the agenda below shows. Contents were presented as Design Thinking, Business, Learning Hub and Entrepreneurship, which aroused the curiosity of students and teachers who attended the event.

Prof. Roberto da FIAP initiated the event where he thanked the SAP University Alliances for partnership and for the opportunity, we were providing

their students to learn more about SAP and its products.

I, Victor Hugo, started with the first presentation, where I introduced the SAP University Alliances program and the Entrepreneurship program. On completion of FIAP's MBA course is necessary for students to make a term paper with startup focused. Subject presented at the event: Startup Focus Program.

After that our Andreia Dias (SAP Consultant), brilliantly showed students that the company has not only focus on sales management software. The session on SAP Business was excellent, addressing accurate information about the technologies we have today as SAP HANA and another buzz word BIG DATA. The students loved the information acquired and were instigated in learning more about SAP.

A colleague from SAP Education, Kizze Silva, presented in intelligent sessions about the SAP Learning Hub and ERPSim. The content on Learning Hub called the participants attention, who were extremely interested in the possibilities and channels that exist to enhance the learning of SAP solutions. The amazing ERPSim game raised even more the attention of the students present.

In the event there was more interaction with students and teachers when the subject was Design Thinking. The speaker Lilian Sanada (SAP Pre-Sales) could apply the DT methodology using a Real Case of FIAP - cancellation of classes. Insightful, light and irreverent colleague led all this interaction, making the whole process very enjoyable for both students and for teachers. His assistant Gabriela Machado (SAP Pre Sales Academy) was extremely skilled in planning the content we use to carry out the activities requested by the speaker.


Our agenda for this event was:

São Paulo





Welcome + UA topics

Victor Farias (UA)


19h - 19:30h

Business Session

Andreia Dias (Consulting)

30 min

19:30h - 20h

Coffe Break


20h - 20:15h

Education Topics (Learning Hub + ERPSim)

Kizze (Education)


20:15h - 21h

DT Session

Lilian Sanada (Services)


21h - 22h

Through this email, I would also like to thank you dear Andreia, Kizze, Lilian, Amanda and Gabriela, for your time and dedication to make this SAP Faculty Day a successful event.