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It was 9 years before, I started my career as pure technical person, though I was closely work with functional consultants, end users never got into their level of skillsets on functional areas except "some know what" functional topics. I was not even thought of learning any functional related topics from scratch and always concentrated on Architecture, development, implementation.

Thanks to SAP, for keep on introducing one or other to make everyone interesting.  When I got the news about SAP Learning Hub, I was very excited, registered immediately and explored some of the Technical courses. And I noticed this was very typical E Learning with PPT oriented which stopped to go further in technical courses. But the gamification introduced in Learning & Earning – How to get SCN points & badges by learning with SAP Learning Hub keeping my curiosity alive.

During my contract end yearly leaves, started to think on the ways to get myself into next level further. I was thought of doing some certification on HANA Technical consultant. Opened again the career site and explored the learning hub further. But it ends up as my first step in functional line. I finished my first ever formal sap functional course titled SAPHRe_en_10 from sap learning hub. Through this blog I would like to share my experience.

My First step into SAP HCM world

The course starts with SAP Navigation details, might be I assume all the SAP courses begin with the first lesson as SAP Navigation. It is good for all whom starting SAP from scratch.

My earlier knowledge with SAP HCM was limited. When I was in IBM, I had worked in SAP HR as the end-user, apart from that I had no much knowledge on this space. This course is perfectly suited for those like me who had zero or limited knowledge.

Main course covers the overview of all topics which one should know in the HCM area. It begins with organisation structure where I learnt what actually HCM solutions are dealing with, typical organisational structure, personal structures, difference between jobs and positions, how the personal administration and organisational management integrated, how the cost center assignment functions. Very interesting things like how the payroll running. After this I could easily understand why I have been asked to update my profile change every time before 20th of the month. This chapter includes the small exercise on finding employee structure in organisational assignment by using the t-code PA20. The only functional t-code I was familiar with VA01 but now I knew HCM too. :smile:

After the initial overview of HCM, the later topics went one level deep on how to work the SAP system. For instance chapter 2 and chapter 4 covers the major areas like maintaining the employee information during hiring action and employee remuneration areas like maintenance of bonus, payroll very detail and clear. As an end-user I am very delighted to know how the time management, maintenance of leaves, ESS workflows worked inside the SAP System. One of the very catchy topics in chapter 3 would be SAP E recruiting solutions and its benefits during the recruitment and payroll simulation exercises in Chapter 4. Due to the coverage of much information, chapter 3 would be the biggest chapter in the entire course. For me, it took more than 3 hrs.  :cool:

Previous I have the doubt whether the training space would be taken care by HR or organisation run this as individual track.  But after learnt about managing trainings, SAP Enterprise learning solution, integration with other modules, how learning get map with Talent management in chapter 3 all my queries been answered. I do have seen in IBM, how the skill set automatically updated after we finish the course, now I understood how the back end functions,  Most wanted topics like appraisals are covered in this chapter, seems SAP HCM deals with more stuffs. Now I can sense how important and demanding SAP functional consultant work is!!!  No wonder they are always busy.

I was worked as trainer, had prepared multiple documents and learning materials during my career, of course all are pure technical. But most of my presentation last chapter about the reporting or analytics, I wonder this documentation flow might suit for functional topics too. :lol: Yes, last chapter of this course covers with the Analytics, functions of very typical reporting capabilities in HCM.

I recommend everyone who would like to know the basic of HCM, please do get the chance from learning hub free course. This course covers more than basic level, which much better.

My Feedback

- The course content was good, but sometime I lost on the flow. For instance Chapter 2 is not well integrated; we can split the E recruiting solution as separate topic or additional chapter.

- We can bring some interesting scenarios in simulation exercises.  Most of the display kind of exercises can be avoided.

- Assessment questions were good and indeed tested our level of understanding, but instead direct questions we can introduce the some use cases oriented questions also part of the assessment.

- This course cannot be expected to finish in 4 hours as posted in the initial page, for chapter2 took me more than 2 hours, you can try to revalue it again.


Once again thanks to all for bringing this opportunity to us. I hope I would explore more on HCM area further. :smile: