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Just returned the long way from New Orleans where NIIT brought together an amazing high profile crowd of learning and education leaders across industries like Software, Oil & Gas, Banking, Professional Services, Consumer Products, Education analysts and others to the CONFLUENCE 2018 conference – thanks to the NIIT team for hosting such a great and very insightful event!

I want to share with you the following 4 thoughts that particularly stuck with me, and which turned out to be re-occurring themes that everyone has top of their mind, no matter the industry and applying to both internal as well as external learning aspects:

  1. Skills for Digital transformation are top of mind. The gap even widens! Implications will be massive for companies and individuals - even our whole society structures will be effected. Strategies to address are vital!

  2. Learning and work converges – the times are over where learning can be seen as a ‘separate’ event or as one phase in life. One speaker’s research came to the prediction that millenniums will go through an average of 27 to 28 careers during their work-life! Learning is continuous and life-long, and to a large extent it needs to become part of the work experience – and happen more as integral parts of work tasks or in a networked fashion – rather than somewhere separate!

  3. This will naturally require more Digital Offerings – and everyone is fast-accelerating their focus on digital, real-time learning - but key is to get the digital learning experience right!

  4. The value of Learning needs to proof itself more than ever by business impact – it’s not about how Learning and Education judges the value of their products – from setting the learning strategy to executing it, it’s more about enabling the organization to learn according to the objectives of the wider business. And about how to measure it.

Together with Education Leaders from CA Technologies, Red Hat and Rockwell Automation I had the opportunity to participate in a Panel Discussion moderated by Maria Manning-Chapman, head of the TSIA Education group, on The Evolution of Customer Education in light of Digital Transformation and Software moving to the Cloud. For the ones who missed it, let me refer you to a new video just published on where I share some thoughts on these topics:

With Maria Manning-Chapman of TSIA, ready to go on stage for Panel Discussion on The Evolution of Customer Education at CONFLUENCE 2018