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We are excited to share with you about the recent collaboration of SAP Labs Early Talent and SAP University Alliances to execute a set of activities at IIT Kanpur, which is the one of the oldest premiere technical universities in India. SAP Labs has had a strong relationship with the institute over the years encompassing full time recruitment, internships, thought leadership lectures, workshops and festival sponsorship. In fact this event was part of the sponsorship SAP Labs Early Talent had put in place for their annual technical festival called Techkriti 2016.

SAP Labs was invited to deliver a Tech talk on Internet of Things - delivered by Viswanadh Akella, Innovation Lead, MDs office at SAP Labs India along with a hands-on workshop on IoT. This talk helped us position SAP Labs as a thought leader in the Internet of Things space where key topics such as Digital Transformation, SAP S/4HANA as the digital core and our cloud solutions were discussed as well. The students had many questions on how SAP HANA/ HCP interfaced with the sensor data and on the platforms capabilities. We also took the opportunity to share with the students about SAP Next-Gen Consulting and how we bring together students, customers and partners and help them drive innovation via the youth. More than 100 students were part of the tech talk while 30 students took part in the Internet of Things workshop which followed after the talk. The workshop, led by Raj Pawan Gumdal, focused on how devices such as Beagle Bone coupled along with various sensors that can be made to work with IoT services in SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This workshop not only showed the students how to configure these programmable boards but also how they can make end to end application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The students registered on the HCP trial accounts too.

We take the opportunity to thank Viswanadh and Pawan to ensure a great engagement with the students onsite and for positioning SAP Labs as a leading thought leader in the Internet of things space.