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“I’ve always believed that winners have one thing perfectly in common. They have a dream that is bigger than anything else.”

Bill McDermott introducing Winners Dream

With the launch of SAP CEO, Bill McDermott’s new autobiography Winners Dream where he describes his path to his success and the leadership patterns that contributed to his success, UA found a great opportunity to reach out to an audience that would not only find the book intriguing but could also benefit from the experiences described in it; students.

Johanna Schertler, a Masters Student in Business Administration and English Studies at University of Mannheim shares her dream.

Introducing the Dream && Win competition, SAP UA is inviting students from around the world to share their dreams, big ideas and new notions on how to show leadership in their communities.

Every week one student’s dream in form of video messages and pictures will be shared on our Facebook page, and we are inviting students from across the world to join in sharing their views in forms of video interviews, pictures with captions and messages on the Winners Dream website.

Brandon Cove, a student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and currently SAP intern, shares his winners dream. Watch here.

And that is not the only way they can contribute. Thoughts, ideas and dreams can be shared in the SCN with a picture and a brief introduction of themselves, their field of study and work, followed by responses to questions such as:

  • What gets you excited when you think about the future of technology or how do you think technology can change the world?
  • When you look ahead, what do you most look forward to about your career? What impact do you hope to have on the world?
  • What is your association/ what pops-up in your mind when you hear “winners dream”?
  • Can you share your dream?

Mahssa Najafi, a Master student at Hochschule Worms in Germany shares her winners dream.

For more information on how you can share your dream with us contact the UA team.

If you prefer to be interviewed by a UA team member send us an email or contact Niloufar and we can arrange a short meeting.

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