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*Re-posting from SAP User's Groups - UTD Chapter Newsletter.

The main reason why I chose UT-Dallas to be my graduate school is because Jindal School of Management is associated with the SAP University Alliance. One of the benefits of being part of the program is that SAP faculty members like Prof. Lou Thompson, are allowed to create and teach SAP curriculum to students. Another benefit is that the institute can offer TERP10 training and can conduct its certification exams.

Why did I take TERP10? Having a SAP career is a lifelong dream of mine. It is hard to get into a position that is involved with SAP, especially if you do not have any knowledge and experience towards SAP. The TERP10 certification might not get you a SAP job right away but it will place you right in front of the employers’ doorstep. This also boost up your credentials, showing that you are very serious about SAP and this could still help professionals to get a broader angle in SAP.

I knew that TERP10 is something that I needed to be prepared of. There is a reason why we are required to take up the ERP fundamental course before we could be qualified to participate in TERP10. This training is what you can call “a mile wide and an inch deep”. There are so many business modules to be covered during its 10-day training but it does not to go deep to its core of each module.

Here are some of the strategies I did to prepare for my TERP10 Exam.

  1. SAP is a passion of mine and motivation is key.
    • You need to be sure you have a purpose of taking TERP10.
    • I asked tips from previous TERP10 takers.
    • I was also pressured since I have been invited to attend SAP Sapphire the week after the certification exam!
  2. I took at least 3 SAP courses before taking the TERP10.
    • This helped me catch up on the lectures and some of them are just refreshers of what I learned before.
  3. It is not all about memorizing but also understanding what you memorized.
    • SAP is all about business process, if you understand how processes work then no matter how obscure the questions are in the exam, you will be able to get them right.
  4. I listened to the lecturers carefully and take notes:
    1. Your trainers will provide you tips and tricks on how to beat the exam. Trust them, they have also taken it.
    2. I reviewed the lectures and made cheat sheets by the end of the day.
    3. I read ahead and I would re-read it again after class.
  5. Formed a study group:
    • This is what I learned from Prof. Lou Thompson and Prof. Mary Beth Goodrich. I started inviting people to discuss and study together.
    • We were only two of us in the 1st week but we had around more than 10 people on the 2nd week.
  6. I got some sleep:
    • Had to stop and rest my brain several times on each day.
    • Honestly, I barely sleep but it is better than without sleep at all.
    • I started dreaming about what I have been learning. Guess what, it is normal!

No matter how much I was preparing for the exam, I could never take everything in me with such a limited time. That is why I studied strategically and I kept myself to push forward. I always remind myself that learning SAP in UTD is an opportunity of a lifetime and giving up should not be an option. The day before the exam, Dr. Jeff Word paid a visit in our class. He gave us an inspiring speech and some advice on taking the exam.

I was overjoyed by the time I saw my score and realized that I passed the exam. After getting out of the examination room, I saw some of the people who I have studied with and we waited for the rest of them to finish. All of them who joined in my study group passed the exam. Before we parted ways. We had some laughs, shared our experiences about the exam and exchanged business cards. On that very moment, not only I became a SAP Certified Associate but also I have gained new friends.

I would like to thank my dear friends who had studied with me until the very end of the training. I would also like to give thanks to Prof. Thompson, Prof. Raghu and Prof. Goodrich for conducting the TERP10 training and for helping us reached the goal of becoming SAP Certified Associates. Passion is what thrives me from the very beginning. It does not matter how I started, what matters most is how I ended it.

Dwight Fraencis Dy

-SAP Certified Associate

-Project Management Intern @ HP

-The University of Texas at Dallas

-Follow me at Twitter: @dwightdy